Monday, November 22, 2010

Catwalk for Charity V Recap

SO. This year was their 5th year and it was 80s themed and everyone was pretty into it. This year seemed to be a lot more crowded than last year, I don't know if they sold more tickets than year's past or something but it just felt more crowded. It was a lot harder to talk to Ryan because there were a lot of people and media that wanted to talk to him, plus he was hanging out with his lady friend the entire night, but I made sure to shake his hand and congratulate him on last year with the Olympics and him winning the Vezina. I made sure to get a picture with him because it's like a ~yearly tradition~ for me to get a picture haha.

I also got a picture with Ryan's awesome younger brother Bryce and his dad Dean. I volunteered with them over the summer when they needed help at an event selling Steadfast memorabilia so it was nice seeing them again. Dean is HILARIOUS...which I'm sure you will be able to tell from the picture of us haha.

Bryce and me

Dean and I

When it was time for the auction Ryan came onstage in a Tommy Lee/Motley Crue outfit which was hilarious for everyone to see... Some of the auction items were traveling with the team to a road game, having Ryan Miller come over to your house for dinner, a replica of his Olympic mask, and an adorable bb toy poodle.

Ryan was also surprised with a custom made guitar inspired from his Olympic mask, which was painted by the same man who paints his masks, Ray Bishop.

American hero

But the real fun starts when the players strut their stuff on the catwalk.

Rick Jeanneret and Harry Neale, as Wayne and Garth!

Dean strutting his stuff.

The most hilarious part of the catwalk was when Tyler Myers and Tyler Ennis were dressed as Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger from the movie Twins and Myers was carrying Ennis on his back!

Blurry pic, but you get the idea.

Then at the end of the fashion show the players come out in their normal clothes, which made me kind of sad to see Ryan changed out of his Tommy Lee outfit, because I would have loved to have gotten a picture with him in his costume. Oh well, there will be plenty of other opportunities to get a picture with Ryan dressed as a member of Motley Crue...

So after the fashion show a band comes onstage to perform and the party sort of winds down from there. My friend Steph and I hung out for a little bit and I saw Ryan on my way out and I thanked him and congratulated him on another successful Catwalk and I told him how much fun I had and I said that I hoped that his ~lower body~ would feel better soon. All in all it was another fun night and there was a lot of money raised for a wonderful cause at the same time. Catwalk for Charity is definitely the party of the year in Buffalo, after attending them year in and year out, I can say that the night is still full of surprises and it's always a great time. You never know what's in store when you go to Catwalk, but you always know that you will have a great time and there will be a lot of money raised to support Ryan's Steadfast Foundation!

You can see a lot more pics I took over on my Flickr page.


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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful guitar that was given to Ryan by a fan.Anyone know the story behind the gift?

Caroline said...

Ray Bishop painted it, I think they just gave it to him as a gift to commemorate his Olympic performance.

S.A.M. said...

Hey girl! Nice pics, as always. :)

Where was Royzie?

I am lovin Monty's costume. hellooooo are those pants tight enough? YoWza. ;)

Caroline said...

Thank you! Roy was there...hmmm I guess I didn't get any pictures of him.