Sunday, August 30, 2009

Story Time!

Yay, I can update this thing with semi-hockey related material! It's not really that exciting of a story, but look on the bright camp is just around the corner and then I'll be able to update with things that are actually worth discussing.

Anyways, so today at work there's a guy in my line that looks REALLY familiar. You know how sometimes you see a person that looks vaguely familiar, and you just shrug it off and assume that you've just seen them around town or maybe at a few parties or something along those lines? And then you see someone who looks so familiar that it's the same feeling you get when you're watching a movie and there's an actor/actress in it that you know you've seen in another movie before, but you just can't remember who it is and it drives you nuts. Well, that's the feeling I got when I saw this guy. So while I was taking care of him, I said, "You look really familiar..." and he replies, "Oh...I don't know." and I just repeated myself and said, "Yeah you look REALLY familiar, where do I know you from?" and he still played coy and said, "I don't know where you would know me from." I sort of wanted to be like, "Seriously, who the fuck are you?" but you know...that would have been inappropriate. So then being the observant person that I am, I noticed that he was wearing a Boston College hockey cap. THEN IT CLICKED. It was our dear little Nathan Gerbe. Awww, how could I have not recognized the little guy. Later I realized I could have just looked at the name on his credit card and I wouldn't have had to play the, "Do I know you?" game but I didn't think of it at the time because really, who looks at people's names on their card? It sort of made me wonder what would happen if a more prominent Sabre like Ryan Miller would do the same thing if someone told him he looked familiar. Would he be coy and say, "Hmm....I don't know." or would he be all, "Oh ya well I'm ~*~za goalie~*~ for the Sabres." Although I'm sure nowadays he doesn't have that issue in Buffalo very often. I think people who don't even know what a hockey puck looks like still knows who Ryan Miller is.

So that's my story. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I'm sort of glad that happened today because it gave me an excuse to update my blog with something that was sort of related to hockey so it just wasn't an update consisting of me saying, "Holy shit, holy shit I start class tomorrow." But while we're on the subject...

Holy shit, holy shit...I start class tomorrow! I'm sort of excited. Although I haven't purchased my books yet, so I'm sure my enthusiasm will go down a tad once I have to drop a couple hundred on those lovely text books. I usually go to the first few classes and get a feel for the course and the professor. Sometimes I can tell that it's a class that I can ride out without having to buy the book, and other times it's just one of those classes where you really do have to buy the book. I just hate spending so much money on books, when sometimes you don't even read them or you just read a section or two. But I'm pretty excited for the courses that I'm taking and I'm looking forward to catching up with all of my friends who are from out of town. One thing I'm not looking foward to is getting up early because I have early AM classes every day. But it will also be a good thing because then it gives me a reason to wake up early so I don't sleep in till 11 AM. I always feel like a bum when I sleep in that late.

So now that summer is coming to a close, I can say that I really enjoyed it. I traveled around a bit and I FINALLY got to see my all-time favorite band No Doubt after all these years. I also saw a bunch of other great bands at Lollapalooza like King of Leon & the Yeah Yeah Yeahs...and a whole bunch of others but I can't think of them all at the moment. I also spent some time boating on the lake which is one of my favorite things to do and just relaxed with my family and friends. And of course I worked a whole lot. So it was a pretty nice summer but I think it did go by a little too fast...but it usually does. I have a lot of pictures to upload because my camera went all Jesus on me and came back to life after being dead for a few days. It's still acting a little wonky, but hey at least it's not completely busted. But I seemed to have misplaced the cord to connect it to my computer to upload pictures...go figure.

But I'm welcoming the fall with open arms because I think it's such a beautiful season and I love fall fashion! I always get so excited when I get to go shopping for fall clothes. Halloween is also a fun holiday so I'm excited for that...I think I'm going to be a pin-up girl. I always say that I'm going to be one but then I think of something that I want to be more. And of course fall means hockey season...which is definitely the main reason why I love the fall. There's always so much excitement in the air once hockey rolls around. First it's training camp, then it's preseason, then it's the real deal and you're on one hell of a ride until April. I can't wait. Training camp begins September 12th...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hockey in August

A few of our favorite US-born NHLers participated in Team USA's Olympic Orientation Camp today...amongst the group was our very own Ryan Miller. It's pretty funny how excited a three and a half minute video interview with him got me. I can't believe it's been almost 4 months since we've been graced with a locker room interview with Ryan Miller. Makes me remember that hockey season is right around the corner which is CRAZY! I've missed his insightful and articulate interviews...soon enough he'll be in the our dressing room, addressing our media, and talking about our team. Can you feel the excitement? I know I can. I enjoyed how graceful Ryan was when talking about not being chosen for the 2006 Olympics, and how he wishes Tim Thomas luck when he's playing for Team USA but he politely and respectfully says how he wants the Sabres to kick his ass when he's playing for the Bruins. Atta boy, Ryan. I'm looking forward to more coverage of the camp within the next few days...maybe if we're lucky we'll get another interview out of Miller. I was looking up the rosters for the camp, and the players were divided into two practice groups. I noticed that Ryan was in the same group as a certain South Buffalo native...I couldn't help but wonder if there was any interaction between the two and if it was *awkwarrddd*.

It also appears as if Andrew Peters has accepted the fact that the Sabres are not interested in having him return next season. I know it's probably in the best interest for the team, but I know that Peters was a very popular player amongst his fellow teammates and he always seemed like a good guy off the ice. I wish him nothing but good luck and success in his future, wherever it may be.

Yesterday I came home after spending the weekend with my family up at my cousin's cottage. I am sooo red from being on a boat for pratically two days straight. My Irish genes have blessed me with fair skin which burns very easily when exposed to the sun. I'm usually smart and I always wear sunscreen when I know I'm going to be out in the sun for a long time, but it completely slipped my mind while I went boating. It was only until I felt my thighs cooking in the sunlight in the middle of the lake that I realized that I should have put on some SPF. I also have a few bruises and welts from going tubing...good times. I would post pictures of myself tubing that my cousin took of me, but unfortunately we suffered a casuality on the boat. Which was my camera. Saaaahh sad. A crazy title wave from another boat's wake coupled with a crazy boat driver are the culprits. Apparently the whole bow of our boat was submerged, but I couldn't really tell because I was too busy getting drenched by the wave. Luckily for me it was only my point and shoot (no way in hell would I bring my DSLR on a boat, I'm not THAT ambitious), but I'm kind of bummed that my memory card was ruined too because I lost all of my pictures. Most of the pictures had been uploaded, but I still hadn't uploaded my pictures from Lollapalooza and from my weekend at the cottage, obviously. Oh well...there are worse things that happen in life.

Despite my sunburn and my camera getting ruined, I had a great weekend with my family. I can't think of many other things in the world that relax me more than a nice boat ride on the lake. It's one of my favorite things to do. And if I'm in the need for a thrill, I like to go tubing. Otherwise, I just enjoy sitting on the boat and kicking back a few. Ahh, memories.

I've taken care of a lot of things school-wise the past few days which feels a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. But I'm still trying to get into two classes that are currently hopefully I find a way to squeeze into them before school starts on the 31st. Keeping my fingers crossed. I also need to figure out which games I'm going to go to this season...I think mini-packs need to be received by the 28th. Yeah, I need to get on that.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Helloooo, Mistah Grier

In my last post I said that it would probably be a long time before I could update again discussing any Sabres news. Well color me happily surprised. I've said before that it's a long offseason and that there was still plenty of time for the Sabres' management to make another move...and I think they have successfully made a move that will both be beneficial to the team and very pleasing for the fans.

When I got a text alert from the Sabres last night, I had to re-read it about three times before I finally believed it was true. Grier? No way! I was pretty surprised considering he didn't have a lot of nice things to say about the organization when he departed, but that all appears to be water under the bridge now. Grier was definitely one of my favorite Sabres when he was with us and I was extremely disappointed when he didn't return to the team. I never would have thought that he would have came back to the Sabres...but here he is, crawling back to us begging for us to take him back. That was my attempt at being cocky, ok. I'm not very good at it as you may have just gathered. Anyways, I'm thrilled to see that he's back with us and I'm really liking the direction that the team is headed in the offseason. The team has added more grit and physicality and I am hoping that some of our players matured over the offseason and will be better for it next season.

I feel like I should mention this before I say anything else, but I will not be commenting on Pat Kane's arrest due to personal reasons. I don't really feel like I have much else to contribute to the whole situation anyways, considering the story has made headlines in more places that Pat would like to think about. Everyone's opinion on the arrest is already out there so I don't feel lke mine really matters. So that's that.

In other news, one of my readers, Chris sent me a video of the Goose being interviewed on a local Portland TV station. A highlight in the interview is him talking about his golfing "skills". A big thanks to Chris for giving us a Goose fix!

Speaking of hockey players going all PR on us, Ryan Miller was the Grand Marshal at Watkins-Glen for the Crown Royal 200 where he promoted his Steadfast Foundation and gave details about Catwalk for Charity IV. It's 50s-themed this I have mentioned before on here I'm a sucker for anything vintage (basically anything between the eras of the 20s to the 70s), so I'm pretty excited. I already have a real vintage 1950s cocktail dress that I think I'm going to wear. I wore it to one of my homecoming dances when I was in high school and I did my hair to resemble my homegirl Marilyn and I got many flattering compliments where people were saying I looked like her. I'm definitely going to pay homeage to my favorite lady again and do the Marilyn look again at this year's Catwalk. I'm going to have to pull up my collection of thousands countless pictures I have of Marilyn to get some inspiration on how I'm going to look. I'm sure there will be people there doing the whole Marilyn thing, but I'm going to try and be a little different. There's more to Marilyn than a white billowing dress being blown up by a NYC subway breeze. Even for last year's Catwalk, I was able to get a little bit of Marilyn in my look by wearing a hidden flask in a garter belt to go along with the 1920s speakeasy theme. In one of my favorite Marilyn movies, Some Like It Hot, she wears the same thing since the setting is during the 1920s Prohibition days. So that was my Marilyn inspiration...this time around I'll be able to do even more since the 50s was during Marilyn's prime as a movie star. One thing that got me nervous though was the details on about the event, it said that if all tickets sell through sponsorship sales, then no individual tickets will be available. I would be saahhhh upset if it sells out before individual tickets go onsale...I look forward to this event every year.

Anyways...I just returned to Buffalo after spending some time in Chicago for Lollapalooza. Lollapalooza is a huge 3 day long music festival that Chicago has hosted for the past 5 years and I went for the first time last year and I was hooked. There are always huge headlining music acts along with smaller acts throughout the day. It's a great music festival in a great city. I saw Kings of Leon the first day and I had never seen them live before. They blew me away. I have seen them peform live on TV before, so I knew I was in for a good show, but being there in person is a completely different experience. Along with Kings of Leon, my other favorite acts that I saw were the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Bon Iver, Chairlift, and Santigold. I met a lot of really great people from all over while I was there. I'm talking like people from Portugal, Mexico, Spain, and Ireland. It's crazy that they come all the way to a music festival...but it definitely is worth it. My friend who I went to the festival with also had a gift certificate to The Refinery that she won at a previous Catwalk for Charity, so we stopped in East Lansing on our way back and I got a really cute dress and a cardigan. I uploaded some videos I took at Lollapalooza incase anyone is interested. Here is a video of me just walking around the festival, it shows you how big it is and how many people were there. And here is a video of me leaving the festival on the second day. Buckingham Fountain is in the second video and it's video of it doesn't do it justice.

So now I'm back home but I leave again in a few days to spend some time up at my cousin's cottage. I'm so excited to hang out on a boat all long as the weather cooperates. This summer has been really sketchy weather-wise...but I guess that's Buffalo for you.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What's the Buzz?

...Tell me what's a-happenin'. I figured I should jump on any Sabres-related news since it's few and far between at this point in the offseason and who knows when I'll be given another opportunity!

The Sabres announced a few days ago that they signed Cody McCormick. I don't know much about him, but from doing a little research on the internet and blogs, apparently he's a fourth-liner grinder who likes to fight. He signed a 2-way deal with the team, so it remains to be seen if he'll be spending more time in Portland or in the Buff.

It's clear that the front office is trying to add a little bit more grit and physicality to the line-up, which I can't say I disagree with. Although there are the fans out there that are saying that Darcy is an idiot and wasting all his time signing these no-name players while he should have been busy going after Bouwmeester and Hossa. Of course these are the same fans that complained during the season that our team is full of wimps and sissy boys who are too afraid to fight or stand up for each other. Some fans must really take pleasure in always complaining and being negative...but what can you do?

Teppo Numminen also announced to a Finnish magazine that he is retiring (the article is just translated by Google, so it's pretty rough). I know most fans expected that Teppo would take this route, but it's still a little sad considering he's been in the league for so long. I've always liked Teppo and I've respected the type of game he played. He seems like a good guy and he should be proud of himself for lacing up the skates and getting back into NHL action after having a serious heart procedure. I hope the next chapter in his life is fulfilling and relaxing. Cheers, Teppo!

I also wanted to comment a little bit on Ryan Miller's latest blog post...I mean if Puck Daddy is going to, then I might as well too. First I want to say that I disapprove of his editor making him censor out his sassiness. I'm sure everyone who has read my blog before has noticed that I love when people get sazzzy and Ryan really knows how to bring the sass. I guess his editor is worried about Ryan ruining his public image because he said Twitter is dumb. Let's be serious here now...a website with a name like "Twitter" where people send "tweets" to each other, must not be a website with a plethora of knowledge. Just sayin'.

I have to say that I'm glad I'm not the only person who thinks Twitter is one of the most pointless websites ever. I remember when people started joining it and telling me about it, I didn't quite "get it"...and I still don't to be quite honest. Maybe it's because I barely update my Facebook status and that's essentially what Twitter is. I like Facebook because it's a great way to communicate with people that I don't usually get the chance to see on an every day basis. For instance, a friend from high school who is from Afghanistan just told me via Facebook that he's back in the area and would like to get together with me so we can catch up. But it seems that while that was Facebook's intention when the website was created, it's being used less for that and more for people posting pictures of them drunk at parties and updating their Facebook statuses informing people of what they just had for breakfast or what they plan on doing for the rest of the week. I think Ryan probably has a little more of a stronger opinion on these websites because of his position. He's a celebrity and a professional athlete. He's probably has had his fair share of stalkers and creepy situations and having Facebook and Twitter accounts would only stregthen the chances of getting stalked. But for us ~normal~ people, we don't really have to worry as much about it than someone like Ryan Miller (although I still don't understand why people have their phone numbers listed on their profile). Actually, the other day some guy from Dubai messaged me asking me if I could come live with him because I was such a "nice, pretty girl" and so I could teach him English. Awesome.

It's funny that he made a post about social networking sites because last semester I actually wrote a paper about social networking sites and just the rapid growth in technology in general and its affects on society for my sociology class. My point was that I think it's a double-edged sword. I like blogging and posting/reading on message boards because it opens doors and gives us access to communicate and exchange news from people from all over the world. Especially with hockey because it's not as publicized on sports media outlets as other mainstream sports. I've even met some really cool people through Sabres message boards and I consider them my good friends now. But technology can also detach us from real-life interaction. It's so common nowadays to see two people sitting down at dinner or something and both people have their cell phones out and they're just texting away. People have become really dependent on their phones and their Facebook & Twitter accounts and I just find it a little annoying and excessive. "Everything in moderation", ya know?

We all know that Buffalo summers are long enough, so I guess Mother Nature decided that rain and thunderstorms should overtake our 3 months of summer and cut it in half. I can't believe that it's already's hoping for it being a sunny one and hopefully we have a warm fall. I have so much stuff to do before I go back to school on the 31st. So far this summer I've been working a lot, apartment hunting, and trying to get out when the days are nice enough. I still need to figure out a lot of stuff with school before I go back. My cousins were in from India this past weekend and I half jokingly said that I should take a semester off and live in India with them. I would love to go...but I don't know about an entire semester. Think about all the hockey I would miss! Speaking of which, I still need to figure out how many games I'm going to go this year with my mini-pack...and I'm still waiting for my renewal letter to come in the mail. This upcoming week I have a lot going on and I'll be away from Buffalo for a's coming at a really nice time because I could use a little getaway.