Friday, December 23, 2011

A fan's reaction to the season

I'm going to take you on a journey of my emotions toward the Sabres thus .gif form.

When the Sabres first started to suck, I tried to take it in stride and not take it too seriously, because I didn't like the bad feeling this team was causing. I basically pretended like it was something we would all look back on one day and laugh. I mean, all the injuries? Have you seen our line combinations? COME ON. Now that's comedy gold right there. I'm pretty sure with all of our callups, the average age of the roster is probably around 15-years-old.

It's not that I enjoyed how bad they were, but I just tried to make it as fun as possible because I was sick and tired of feeling depressed over the team's ineptitude.

Then...well. They kept playing bad. And it was kind of bumming me out. As much as I tried to make it "fun", it just wasn't fun. I wasn't enjoying the games. For the first time in...hell, since I've been a fan, I wasn't looking forward to games. I was almost dreading the next Sabres game. The Sabres were bad and I felt bad.

So not fun anymore.

After the sadness set in, well, it was anger and confusion. I mean, why, Sabres? WHY? What is wrong with you? What is going on? It's not funny, it's not cute, and it's not enjoyable. Stop being so bad when you are very capable of being very good. I'm at a loss for words.

So after taking this "rut", if you can call it that, in stride, in complete sadness, and finally in anger... There's not many emotions left.

So right now I just sort of feel...numb. Of course I still love the Sabres and always will, but this lackadaisical play has rubbed off on me. I don't dread the games anymore but I certainly don't look forward to them. I've gotten bored of trying to analyze each and every situation, think of what the Sabres' next move should be, and what exactly is wrong with this team. It all just seems exhausting.

Your move, Sabres.