Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Surviving the ACC

You guys! I went to my first away Sabres game and I was pretty ambitious and I went all balls to the wall and decided to trek up to Shoronto (Toronto for all those non-Caroline language speakers out there) with Tamara to cheer on mah favorite hockey players. I figured it wouldn't be as dangerous as it was only preseason, and I can say that Tamara and I left pretty unscathed. Although we did see two fights...one was a bunch drunken Sabres and Leafs fans having your typical pushing match, but security was there to break them up. The other one was pretty shitty...some guy walking out of the arena in a Sabres jersey all by himself got jumped by some pathetic Leafs fan who couldn't hold his liquor or the fact that his starting goalie allowed 7 goals in a preseason game...I felt really bad for the Sabres fan who got dropkicked in the face but being a 5'3 female, I figured that I would probably do more harm than good if I had decided to intervene.

So anyways, the game was a lot of fun. As the alcohol and the goals started to flow, I got a little more comfortable cheering on our boys. When MacArthur scored the first goal, I tentatively stood up and let out a little, "Woo!", but after about the 3rd goal I was screaming and chanting "LET'S GO BUFFALO!" Even though it was only preseason, it was still a very exciting game and I was glad that the Sabres won so I could leave enemy territory without feeling like a jackass. I held my head up high in my Sabres jersey even though I got a lot of "Fuck yous" and "Buffalo sucks!" shouted at me. I was hoping the souvenier shop would have a t-shirt that said, "I survived a Sabres-Leafs game at the ACC and all I got was this lousy t-shirt", but to my dismay, no avail.

Anywayyysss...it was quite the barn-burner, but I was glad to see that our guys battled back and they didn't give up until the final second to secure a victory. I also thought Jochen Hecht played a good game, which is nice to see after such a disappointing season from him. After the game, Tamara and I bumped into a lovely man who was born and raised in Toronto but is a huge Sabres fan. He gushed about how much he loves Buffalo and the people, and how he loves the city of Toronto but he thinks the people are too uptight (hehe) and he went on talking about his first game at the Aud and the French Connection. I think he said it best: "How can you not love the Buffalo fucking Sabres?"

Sooo that was how I spent my Sunday and I had a lot of fun. It's definitely a different experience to cheer on your team when they're on the road...you instantly become friends with everyone who is wearing a Sabres jersey and you have to make sure you represent your team and your city with dignity and pride.

In other news...the season starts in FOUR DAYS!!!!!!!! I cannot believe it. After such a long offseason it's going to be so thrilling to see our boys out there competiting again. I have to say that I'm pretty optimistic about our additions to the team, but I've also said before that I'm always optimistic when the season rolls around just because I'm aching for hockey. We've got a lot of players who are trying to make a crack at the final roster so it'll be interesting to see how all of that shakes out...

Just wanted to comment on this... Maxim Afinogenov has signed with Atlanta. And Andrew Peters has signed with the Devils. I wish nothing but the best for the two players, and I hope they both have successful seasons with their new clubs.

And a little aside...I took care of Mike Weber at work the other day. I actually recognized him as being a member of the Sabres and it wasn't awkward like it was when I took care of Gerbe and I played the "Where do I know you from?" game. Yeah, it was a very smooth encounter, I sold him his ticket and I wished him good luck for the upcoming season and that was that!

Oh...and I also would like to inform everyone that I found a replica of Marilyn Monroe's dress that she wore in the movie Niagara. I came across it on eBay and I bid on it and won! I'm so ready for Catwalk for Charity!

Anyways, I'll end this post with the pictures that I took over the course of training camp and from my adventure at the ACC...if you're friends with me on Facebook, some of them are up on there as well, but all of them can be found my on my Flickr. Enjoy!

My two faves!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Preseason Is Underway

So my drawing teacher decided not to show up to class today, so it gives me a perfect chance to update... I also had to go to the camera store and buy film because I was sold the wrong film the last time and my pictures didn't develop right. I'm still kind of pissed off because I drove on 20A all the way out to the boonies to get some great shots of all the windmills in the cornfields...I was excited to see how the pictures turned out. Oh well...

Anyways, I've missed the last two preseason games due to a wedding I went to and work. But from talking to people and reading recaps, it sounds like some players were really impressive but our wins had a lot to do with our goalies really stepping up and keeping the team in the game. It's great to hear that our goalies seem to be sharp, I just hope the Sabres don't fall into that habit again where they don't show up for a good portion of the game and just rely on our goalies to make the saves until they finally wake up... but it's just preseason so I'm going to reserve judgement. A win is a win...even in preseason, right?

The boys are going to be strutting their sassy selves down the red carpet tonight before the game, I'm sure that will be amusing...can't wait for the pictures to turn up. Miller is going to be playing the full 60 minutes tonight, so I'm glad that I'll actually be able to watch this one...that is if I find a feed of the game online since the game is going to be blacked out for locals on the NHL Network. Cool. I've also heard through some people that Miller is going to go back to wearing his old mask once the season starts up again. I wonder if he'll whip out his new one on ~special ocassions~. I know I have this one octopus necklace that I've had for years and I never want to part with it! I also see really cool necklaces that I'm tempted to buy and I always say to myself, "I can take turns from my octopus necklace and this one..." but I know I'm fooling myself. I rarely ever go without wearing my octopus necklace.

Buffalo Sports Daily has an article up about Miller and how he's excited for the Olympics. In the beginning of the article it said that he was turning 30 in January, so I wrote saying that he doesn't turn 30 until next July...needless to say my comment has mysteriously disappeared and the article has been fixed...it's a miracle!!

Well, before I depart...I want to post some of my favorite recent top search queries, courtsey of Google Analytics...

"buffalo sabretooth costume"
Hey, if you figure out where to get one...let me know.

"gwen stefani fans in buffalo, ny"

"ryan miller took my sandwich"
You too? Join the club...

I am also amused at how many people search for shirtless/naked pictures of hockey players. And I'm also creeped out at how many people search for player's girlfriends, wives, siblings, children, and places of residence...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rebels with a Cause...

More details about Catwalk for Charity IV have been released, along with these glorious pictures. Aww yeah...I just realized that my last three blog updates have consisted of amusing pictures of some of our favorite hockey players... (Speaking of which, the Team USA pictures that I posted earlier have made their way on HF Boards...and hilarity has ensued, and it's still going on. Check it out for yourself). Anyways, individual tickets for Catwalk go onsale October 12th. As most of you probably already know, it's 50s-themed this year, and the event is cleverly marqueed as "Rebels with a Cause"...get it? Like the James Dean movie, but they HAVE a cause because it's a fundraising event...yeah, I'm sure you needed me to explain it. I have to say that I approve of these pictures, and it should make for another entertaining night to see the guys all dressed up like these badass greasers...hellz yeaahhh. I also love the cars that took part in the photoshoot. Cars from the 50s just had a certain style to them that just screamed "cool". I remember a few years ago my dad's friend who collects cars picked me up in a 1959 Cadillac Coupe de Ville...I felt so awesome driving around in that baby.

So I'm pretty excited to dress up for this year's Catwalk...I know I have to get my Marilyn on and I WILL. I've already mentioned that I have a vintage 1950s cocktail dress that I am most likely going to wear, but wouldn't it be awesome if I could find a replica of this number?

It's from her film, Niagara, which was filmed in our very own backyard in Niagara Falls, Ontario. I would LOVE to find a replica of that dress somewhere online, but I also love my cocktail dress that I already own. Either way, I'm really excited to represent my lady. I wonder if I could get her famous walk down? Maybe after I have a few drinks in me, who knows what I could accomplish!

So I hope that everyone who is reading this who can, will attend. If my recap of last year's festivities won't convince you then I don't know what will...

So today between classes I went to training camp again and I stayed as long as I could for the scrimmage until I had to head back to Buff State for my good ol' drawing class (which was kind of a rewarding and frustrating class at the same time). I was pretty impressed with the turnout given that it was a weekday...more people started showing up towards the start of the scrimmage. I'm thinking about going to training camp tomorrow but that would mean that I would have to skip my Art History class... What say you? Art history or hockey? Hmm, such a difficult decision. I guess the Venus of Willendorf is just going to have to get by without me. When I left today, Team Khmylev was up 1-0, and from what I've read they won the scrimmage 2-0. Tomorrow I'll upload the pictures I took, I promise! The hockey will get a little more "serious" tomorrow when the Sabres play some preseason hockey against the Caps... even though it's only preseason I'm still excited. I'll get to hear Rick Jeanneret calling a game again. Plus, the regular season is only 17 days away now... Are you ready??

...looks like our captain is.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Picture Day!

I guess it's my obligation as a Buffalo sports fan to mention the Bills game last night...you can't deny that the Bills looked good all night, which was much to the surprise as most people expected the Pats to inhiliate the Bills...but that fumble by McKelvin was just the quintessential Buffalo Bills. I mean, really... of course that happened.

Okay now that I have said my insightful and groundbreaking remarks about the Bills game, it's time to move onto much more important things at hand... It was picture day over at the HSBC Arena the other day and the shots are IN! The pictures haven't been uploaded onto Sabres.com yet, so we're going to have to make due with the ones over at Getty Images with the annoying NHL/Getty Images watermarks on them. Anyways, without further ado...

Ryan Miller always brings his best of the best smile on picture day.

Drew Stafford has that whole, "I just got inked to a nice new deal" aura about him, don't you think?

This is a good thing to see...a very good thing! I'm still just so happy that he's back. :') When I attended training camp last week it was very exciting for me to see him back out there on the ice with the rest of the boys. More on that in a little bit...

Annndddd I'm just posting this picture because Felix Schutz is probably the most photogenic person in the entire Sabres organization:
That'll be going on Momma Schutz's refrigerator, no question in my mind.

You can find the rest of the pics on Getty Images if you just search "Buffalo Sabres". It's also interesting to note that the players were photographed in the team's third jerseys that sports the original logo...Larry Quinn has gone on record saying that the club is in the process of phasing out the "buffaslug" and that the team will be returning back to the original logo in 2010-2011 (the team's 40th anniversary). I, like most fans have always been partial to the team's original logo and colors...I didn't mind the "raging buffalo" logo, but I missed the blue and gold. It's been obvious that the team has been slowly returning back to the original logo...just take a look at the newly designed official website or center ice. I own a third jersey from 06-07 which was the royal blue & gold with the original logo. I would like to buy a new third jersey or maybe I'll wait until next season to see what the road jersey is going to look like.

As I mentioned earlier I went to Puck Drop last Saturday and I also attended the following day of training camp on Sunday. I met up with some lovely ladies, which included Shelby and Tamara. It was nice just to be back in the arena again and seeing hockey. Although it was mostly just testing and the rookies skating. Apparently the veterans were supposed to scrimmage but I guess they decided they were too cool for that. I'm glad to say that they all reported to the rink on Sunday and I got to watch them scrimmage. I remember Nathan Gerbe had a pretty sick breakaway and scored on Miller. There were a lot of prospects on the ice that I had a hard time recognizing, but the prospect that I'm the most curious about (as I'm sure most fans are) is Tyler Myers. I look forward to going to more of the training camp sessions to watch him skate. I'm pretty sure that I'm going again tomorrow to watch the boys between classes. It'll be nice for me this year because some days I have a break between my classes that's right when the players practice...so I know I'll be attending a fair share of open practices this season. I'm going to become a rink rat. I took some pictures when I went to training camp and I plan on taking more as I attend them, so I'll be sure to upload the pics and share them with you all.

It's still hard to belive that hockey season is right around the corner but it really is. There's only 18 days left until the regular season and the Sabres play a preseason game on Thursday. I'm not sure about the other games, but I belive that the preseason game against Montreal on the 26th is going to be broadcasted on the NHL Network, so that'll be nice.

Oh...and just a little aside, I'm on one of Buff State's computers right now and it's just reminding me how much I HATE PCs... I know everyone has their computer brand of choice but I'm pro-Mac...always have been and always will be. These computers blow.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'mma Hit Defrost On Ya

I knew there was a reason why Puck Daddy is one of my all-time favorite blogs. It could be because of its extensive multiple daily updates on news that's going on all throughout the NHL. It could be because it's a convenient one-stop place to get your hockey news fix for the day... Or it could be because it pointed me in the direction of these sazzy as hale pictures of our favorite wonky eyebrowed goalie....

Look at this fucking goalie:

zanggg baby boy watch what you're doing with that icicle badass muthafuckin' stare.

That's the same exact stance he takes when he's about to approach a fine looking lady at the bar to work his ~magic~ on her. "Heeeyy ladiezzz"

You can see the rest of the pictures on Puck Daddy's photostream on Flickr. There's also a few shots of our very own cabbie attacker on there as well. Training camp begins on Saturday! Chyeaaaahhhhh!

Oh...and I feel like I can post this because it sort of correlates with this post...because it has to do with ice sort of...and this post had pictures of Ryan Miller holding an icicle, so they sort of relate to each other, right? Shut up...

Anyways, this made me burst out laughing in Buff State's Study Quad today. It was a long day ok?

Gotta love Fail Blog...

Thursday, September 3, 2009


That's how many days are left until the seasons is upon us. Pretty crazy, right? If August completely flying by is any indication, the season is going to be here before we know it. The excitement of hockey season is always so much fun and I'm a little lame because I keep a countdown of the days on my phone...just like a kid who counts the days down until Christmas. Don't judge me...it's always good to have something to look forward to, right?

Continuing on with the 30 trend...I spotted #30 out and about today. He was walking with a very lovely stride, he must have been having a nice conversation with someone on his phone just realized that the season starts in just 30 days!!!

With hockey on my mind, I went back to take a look at the schedule, and I looked at which games I am most excited about this season. It's always exciting to see teams from the Western Conference because we don't usually see them that much. Detroit, Calgary, and Chicago will be fun games to attend. I like going to Caps games too, because they are a fun team. I also want to make it out to a Lightning game this year now that Drew Miller is with the organization...to get a chance to see the two Millers play against each other. I like it when siblings play against each other. It's so rare to make the NHL, and it's pretty special when two (or multiple, if you're a Staal) siblings are up in the big leagues.

So I'm almost through with my first week back to school and I can already tell it's going to be pretty hectic...but such is the life of a college student, right? I just have long days every day (excluding Fridays), and I also have to balance out my job. Yesterday I had to be on campus for class by 9 in the morning and then I had to leave straight for work after my last class of the day and I didn't get out of work until around 11:30 pm (which was early). I guess caffeine and I will get to know each other a lot more this semester. I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but yesterday on my way to work I got a nice soy latte from Spot Coffee and it seemed to do the trick. The good thing is that I am planning on working only one shift on weekdays, so crazy days like that will only be about once a week.

I'm also glad to say that I got into the classes that I couldn't register for over the summer because they were full. Thanks to people dropping the courses and overrides from one of my professors. The pro to that is obviously I get to take the courses I need to take... The con is that I guess it means that I really do have to go out and buy those $130+ books. Awesome. I really want to meet the people who sit there and make the prices for textbooks. I also would want to know what Buff State does with the money the get from parking permits. I just find it a little laughable that Buff State has the audacity to charge us $70 a year to park when the parking availability is beyond terrible. The parking has been especially awful so far this year...everyone I talk to has said that they have never seen it this bad before. It's also going to be fun when they get rid of one of the campus's biggest parking lot because they will be building dorms there. Buff State is just overcrowded in general. And today the vending machine took $2.75 of my money because all the waters were sold out and it wouldn't give me my money back...geesh, that school just sucks money from me left and right.

Now that I'm done ranting about Buff State being a money grabbing WHORE, I would like to show you guys the trailer of an upcoming movie called The Lovely Bones. I don't know if any of you have read the book, but it's one of my favorite books. I'm very excited about the movie. It looks great and very well done. Almost everything from the trailer is exactly how I pictured the scenes in my head while reading the book. Here's the trailer.