Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Picture Day!

I guess it's my obligation as a Buffalo sports fan to mention the Bills game last night...you can't deny that the Bills looked good all night, which was much to the surprise as most people expected the Pats to inhiliate the Bills...but that fumble by McKelvin was just the quintessential Buffalo Bills. I mean, really... of course that happened.

Okay now that I have said my insightful and groundbreaking remarks about the Bills game, it's time to move onto much more important things at hand... It was picture day over at the HSBC Arena the other day and the shots are IN! The pictures haven't been uploaded onto Sabres.com yet, so we're going to have to make due with the ones over at Getty Images with the annoying NHL/Getty Images watermarks on them. Anyways, without further ado...

Ryan Miller always brings his best of the best smile on picture day.

Drew Stafford has that whole, "I just got inked to a nice new deal" aura about him, don't you think?

This is a good thing to see...a very good thing! I'm still just so happy that he's back. :') When I attended training camp last week it was very exciting for me to see him back out there on the ice with the rest of the boys. More on that in a little bit...

Annndddd I'm just posting this picture because Felix Schutz is probably the most photogenic person in the entire Sabres organization:
That'll be going on Momma Schutz's refrigerator, no question in my mind.

You can find the rest of the pics on Getty Images if you just search "Buffalo Sabres". It's also interesting to note that the players were photographed in the team's third jerseys that sports the original logo...Larry Quinn has gone on record saying that the club is in the process of phasing out the "buffaslug" and that the team will be returning back to the original logo in 2010-2011 (the team's 40th anniversary). I, like most fans have always been partial to the team's original logo and colors...I didn't mind the "raging buffalo" logo, but I missed the blue and gold. It's been obvious that the team has been slowly returning back to the original logo...just take a look at the newly designed official website or center ice. I own a third jersey from 06-07 which was the royal blue & gold with the original logo. I would like to buy a new third jersey or maybe I'll wait until next season to see what the road jersey is going to look like.

As I mentioned earlier I went to Puck Drop last Saturday and I also attended the following day of training camp on Sunday. I met up with some lovely ladies, which included Shelby and Tamara. It was nice just to be back in the arena again and seeing hockey. Although it was mostly just testing and the rookies skating. Apparently the veterans were supposed to scrimmage but I guess they decided they were too cool for that. I'm glad to say that they all reported to the rink on Sunday and I got to watch them scrimmage. I remember Nathan Gerbe had a pretty sick breakaway and scored on Miller. There were a lot of prospects on the ice that I had a hard time recognizing, but the prospect that I'm the most curious about (as I'm sure most fans are) is Tyler Myers. I look forward to going to more of the training camp sessions to watch him skate. I'm pretty sure that I'm going again tomorrow to watch the boys between classes. It'll be nice for me this year because some days I have a break between my classes that's right when the players practice...so I know I'll be attending a fair share of open practices this season. I'm going to become a rink rat. I took some pictures when I went to training camp and I plan on taking more as I attend them, so I'll be sure to upload the pics and share them with you all.

It's still hard to belive that hockey season is right around the corner but it really is. There's only 18 days left until the regular season and the Sabres play a preseason game on Thursday. I'm not sure about the other games, but I belive that the preseason game against Montreal on the 26th is going to be broadcasted on the NHL Network, so that'll be nice.

Oh...and just a little aside, I'm on one of Buff State's computers right now and it's just reminding me how much I HATE PCs... I know everyone has their computer brand of choice but I'm pro-Mac...always have been and always will be. These computers blow.


Jill said...

OHHH I love picture day! Thanks for posting!

Shelby Rose said...

Thank you for letting us know that the pictures are up! Half of the guys look stoned and the other half look great.

Caroline said...

No problem! Ah yes, I guess the awkwardness of picture day follows you past high school too.