Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Things That Are Funny

So I was browsing through my blog the other day, and I was looking through all of my tags that I have used over the year or so that I've had this blog... It came to no surprise to see what tag I have used the most on here, I just didn't realized I used it so much. Let's take a look...

112 times... Good god. I've tagged my posts with "Ryan Miller" 112 times? I should probably be embarrassed (I'm not). Well, it's safe to say that the tag "Ryan Miller" leads the list by far, but for fun I decided to see what tag do I use the second most...

So, let's get this straight. The two things I talk about the most on this blog is Ryan Miller and myself? Yeah, makes sense.

Also, this is another thing that is funny. Enjoy!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Well, it's officially official.


It's an amazingly wonderful feeling. Just the fact that it's "official" now is so great, because I can talk about the Sabres in the playoffs, their possible opponents, where I'm going to watch the games, what games I'm going to be attending, and all that fun stuff without any guilt of jinxing them in any way.

When the Sabres beat Tampa to clinch a playoff spot, first I jumped for joy.

Then I cheered and did a celebratory fist pump.

I am so ready for the spring weather and the playoff hockey that comes with it. Playoff atmosphere in Buffalo is so tangible and everyone jumps onboard. There's something so electric when you're watching the Sabres on the big screen outside of the HSBC Arena along with 10,000+ other fans...while there's another 18,000+ inside. And then of course actually being in attendence for a playoff game. Nothing like it. For the past two years, I had to sit in on other team's fun and watch them compete in the playoffs, but it's so exciting knowing that the Sabres are going to be there. Anything can happen in the playoffs as we have seen, and I can't wait for it.

It's a little worrisome that some of our key players are going down with injuries right now, but let's hope that they're all ready to go once the postseason begins... I also hope that the Sabres figure out their power play too, although it seemed alright against Tampa. But then again, it was Tampa. We all know how spectacular Ryan Miller has been for us, and I can't wait to see him in playoff action! I knew he was going to be wonderful in the Olympics and he certainly didn't disappoint. During Sabres games, MSG has been showing flashbacks of playoff games and seeing the clip of Ryan Miller in 05-06 made me remember how excellent he is come playoff time. I think over the years Sabres fans have seen firsthand what a great goalie can do for his team. All in all, although this goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway... We're damn lucky to have Ryan Miller!

We're also lucky to have him because he gives great interviews, such as this one. If you're an ESPN Insider, you can click here to read the interview with Ryan where he's asked about hockey, his personal life, and designer jeans... If you're not an ESPN Insider (like moi), well my friend Alex typed out the interview and posted it on a Sabres forum that I post on, so if you want to read it you can right here. The best part of interview is when they start talking about designer jeans, and Ryan gives us this little piece of information:
RM: Those are the only jeans that fit me. I'm too skinny. I have to wear designer ones.
Oh Ryan, I'm sure we can all relate. Don't you just hate it when you're too skinny so the only jeans that fit you are designer ones so you have to buy them? Am I right, ladies?

So between that little tidbit and that .gif of him stretching his groin that was the best sexual innuendo I've seen in a long, long time...I think it's obvious that we're lucky to have a gem like Ryan Miller. Oh, and the fact that he's a damn good goalie is important too.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Not Looking Back feels weird (but a very GOOD weird) to say this, but I am in playoff mode! It's been two years, two very long years since I've seen my favorite hockey team in the postseason, and dammit, I'm excited that it's about that time of year again. I've never been one to make predictions, so I never predict at the beginning of the season where the Sabres are going to be standing at the end of the regular season. Obviously, I hope for the playoffs every year, so I just sit back and try to enjoy the ride and hope that they will make it.

After the Sabres' impressive road trip I've been asked if I was feeling the "playoff fever" yet, and to be honest with you, I wasn't. That's not to say that I thought that the Sabres weren't going to make it. I mean, come on let's be serious...despite the fact that they struggled for a bit before the Olympic break, the Sabres just started off too strong to fall out of playoff contention. And it's also not to say that I wasn't optimistic that the Sabres could do some damage in the postseason. But for some reason...the playoff fever just hadn't taken over on me at that point.

Then I went to the Sabres-Habs game last night. Funny how quick the mood can change at a hockey game. It went from one of the more frustrating games I've attended to one of the most thrilling. When the Sabres finally scored on the power play with 2 minutes left, I was very relieved that they scored, but I honestly I thought in my head, " let's watch them dick around for the next two minutes." But as soon as they scored again, with about 49 seconds left in regulation, I think it's safe to say I was overcome by playoff fever. I couldn't believe it! You just never know with this team...they honestly can find any way to win. And that's the kind of team you need when competiting in the playoffs. They find ways. Some people said they didn't deserve to win that one, and I can understand that sentiment, but good teams find ways to win.

The final 2 minutes, 5 minutes of overtime, and the shootout made those previous frustrating 58 minutes totally worth it, from a fan's perspective. I had to deal with cocky Habs fans for 58 minutes taunting Sabres fans in our own barn and acting as if Carey Price was "Jesus Price"...they went from the most jubilant fans in the world to the most upset fans in the world in a matter of minutes...and it was awesome! I tried to get an "Olé!" chant going after the win, but no one in my section complied, but I made sure to sing it every time I walked past Habs fans on my way out.

I can't remember the last time I cheered so much after the Sabre scored their 2nd goal to tie it up. It was awesome, and it was a playoff atmosphere in the arena, despite the fact that half of the fans had already bailed and left early (which by the way, was kind of nice...because it made for a much faster exit out of the parking ramp). It's always fun to be stuck in game night traffic after a win, because you get to honk your horn to the tune of the "Let's Go Buffalo!" chant (beep-beep-beepbeepbeep) and you've got your windows rolled down as you cheer with the rest of the Sabres faithful who are roaming the streets.

You have to give props to Lindy for pulling Miller when the Sabres went on the power play with 3 minutes left to go. Balls to the walls, baby! You could tell that Ryan was ready to get off the ice, he kept banging his stick on the ice to get Lindy's attention and he seemed a little annoyed when Lindy told him to wait for his signal, it seemed as though he wanted to get off so the Sabres could get the extra attacker ASAP. It certainly worked, and I was glad to see that Lindy didn't waste any time pulling Miller again as soon as the Sabres scored. The ball was in their court, and I'm glad Lindy didn't wait to put the extra attacker on once again.

I was also happy to come home to another gem courtesy of Rob Ray and Patrick Kaleta. I had the game recorded, and right before they went to a commercial break, they talked to Rob Ray who down by the ice and his mic picked up Patrick Kaleta shouting, "Fucking geek!" to Dominic Moore. Rob Ray's reaction was priceless. It wasn't quite as comical as this, but it was still pretty damn funny.

So the Sabres have another chance at getting a win against the Sens before the regular season is over, and it's certainly going to be interesting. I think I speak for most Sabres fans when I say that the Senators scare me, and I'm just hoping that last night's win against the Habs coupled with their winning streak will give the Sabres the extra confidence that they'll need. A win tomorrow night would also clinch a playoff spot for them (yes...seriously!), so there's added incentive.

My sights are set on the playoffs and I'm not looking's been awhile and I'm just hoping that the Sabres can enter the postseason on a hot streak, because a hot team in the playoffs (along with a superstar, wonderful, spectacular goalie...Hi, Ryan!) can really make things interesting.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Insightful Hockey Commentary

I don't really know what's wrong, but I'm in some sort of blogging rut...I just don't really feel like I've had much to say regarding the Sabres and the NHL as a whole. This is one of the more exciting times of the season, as the league is in its final stretch of the regular season and teams are pushing to position themselves into the playoffs... I should have tons of things to say, but I really don't...which is why this blog has been lacking as of late. But then last night as I was watching the Sabres-Panthers game, I finally found something worth writing about.

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate Rick Jeanneret pondering whether or not Ryan Miller could "cut a rug like Fred Astaire". Don't play coy, you all know you have wondered the same exact thing, it's just that RJ was the first to wonder it out loud. Well, RJ... Ryan Miller CAN cut a rug like Fred Astaire, and I'm pretty sure if it wasn't for the NHL schedule getting in the way, he would be a contestant on "Dancing With The Stars" and he would own the dance floor. Who really cares about that lady with 8 kids whose soon-to-be ex-husband is going through a mid-life crisis? We want Ryan Miller, a true American hero...but unfortunately I think we're just all going to have to make due with watching him compete in the Stanely Cup playoffs. But seriously, I love Rick Jeanneret and Harry Neale together. They have this sort of humor that goes over a lot of the younger people's heads (myself included), but that's what makes them so great. I loved Harry's analogy when Miller got pulled in Atlanta... "Even Betty Crocker burned a cake occasionally". Right on, Harry, RIGHT ON.

I also love the fact that Ryan Miller and Jim Craig met each other after the game in Tampa. I wish there were pictures to accompany, but I found it funny that Ryan was a little worried that Jim Craig might have thought that he was from a family of lunatics because Ryan's cousins sat with Jim during the Olympics and were high fiving him and hugging him every chance that they got. Well I know I would hug and high five Jim Craig if I was ever given the opportunity. Same goes for Don Cherry too. And Larry David...

Anyways, the Sabres take on the Hurricanes today (I say today because it will still be daylight for a few hours after they drop the awesome is that?) at 5 pm. I appreciate the Ottawa Senators for cooling down over the past few weeks which has given the Sabres some breathing room, but I am really disappointed in Montreal for creeping up on us and giving us another team to keep an eye out for. How rude.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Still Here

I apologize for the lack of blogging lately... I've been too caught up in things to get a chance to sit down and post. I've been pretty sick over the past week, I've had assignments for class due, midterm exams, and I also had a death in the family... So to be honest I haven't really thought much about this blog, but I've been watching every Sabres game.

The Sabres got back on track with a win in New York and another at home against Dallas, but couldn't get the W against the Wild last night...

Have to say that I've been impressed with Vanek lately. He's been one of the more frustrating players to watch this season, and it's good to see him finally putting some pucks in the net, instead of watching him miss great chances or elect not to shoot when he probably should have. Seems like it's a confidence thing with Thomas, so maybe him scoring a few goals will help him out.

I liked the way Mancari has looked, I know for him he's got a lot to prove if he wants to finally make the jump to the NHL, and his recent stint here was pretty impressive. Although now that Gaustad has been activated back to the roster, Mancari has to go back to Portland. Sort of bummed, I was interested to see what else he could have done with us down the stretch. But it's good that the Goose is back.

It's pretty crazy that ME, of all people, hasn't really commented on the recent magical Ryan Miller media tour that occured last Monday in NYC. Well what can I say? It's very cool to see Ryan getting all this attention and I'm very proud of how he's handled all of it. The Olympics were surreal, and now that they're over it's still awesome seeing different media outlets interested in him. I don't know if the NHL could find a better representative than Ryan Miller. He's smart, articulate, thoughtful, humble, and genuine. I think Buffalonians have known this for a long time, so it's nice to see other people taking notice. I thought he did a great job on the Today Show. I would consider him an "adopted Buffalonian", so I feel as though he's not only representing the NHL, but he's also representing Buffalo in a way. It's refreshing seeing how many people are taking an interest into him, and I think Buffalonians should feel a little bit of pride knowing that he's a guy who really likes it here and has embraced our community. I think the coolest thing so far about Miller's recent celebrity was that Elton John wanted to meet him before his concert with Billy Joel earlier last week. Now that is cool...

I was glad that The Buffalo News gave us an update on how Mike Robitaille is doing... I have been worried about him. Sounds like he's got quite the recovery ahead of him, but he seems to be in good spirits which is good. I've liked Danny Gare on the broadcasts, but I've missed Robi. Hope to see him back with Kevin Sylvester soon.

So the Sabres take on the Red Wings in Detroit tonight. I actually wanted to go to this game because it would have been neat to see Ryan and his brother Drew play against each other...but things came up that I mentioned earlier and I wasn't able to make it out to Detroit. I'm actually not even going to be able to watch this game because my job is going to be short staffed tonight, and even though I don't work Saturday nights I'm coming in as a favor... I sort of made a deal that if I can came in tonight that I would have Sunday off so I could spend the day downtown for all the St. Patrick's Day festivities...seems like a decent trade off.

I'm aware that this post is sort of all over the place and it doesn't really "flow", but whatever. That's just what has been on my mind and I haven't had a chance to blog about it. I'm actually working on a post right now about our goaltending situation... It's going to be full of fun stats and numbers and I'm not really sure where I'm going with it at the moment, but it's been something that I've been thinking about for a while so I decided to do some researching. So stay tuned for that...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Bits & Pieces

So I've been meaning to write a nice, insightful post on my feelings about the Sabres as of late, but I just keep putting it off, and there are too many points that I wanted to touch on. I feel if I attempted to write a post, it would just be way too long-winded and boring and I just don't have the attention span to write it, so I'm pretty sure no one would have the attention span to read it. So here a few little bits and pieces on what I've been meaning to blog about over the past few days:

- First, I have to welcome Raffi Torres to the Sabres. I don't know a whole lot about Torres other than the fact that he's now the highest scoring Sabre on our roster and that his last reminds me of a certain Spanish pastime. It's also a little sad because him coming to Buffalo means that he won't have many more opportunities to get interviewed by his twin brother reporter:

- I also have to bid adieu to Clarke MacArthur and Nathan Paetsch. I will miss Clarke's jew fro and now I can't compare MacArthur to my younger brother, who shares a striking resemblence to him (jew fro and all). I no longer have the opportunity to drunkenly approach him at Catwalk for Charity and tell him how much he looks like my brother only for him to respond by saying, "I know, you told me before." And Nathan, I'm glad he will be given an opportunity to get more playing time with another club (hopefully), because I have always admired his work ethic and I appreciated the fact that whenever he was inserted into the lineup he really seemed to give it his all. And from what I've heard from Lindy and co, he never seemed to complain about the fact that he saw so little playing time. It has to be hard for a player to always be sitting in the press box, only to be inserted into the lineup when there is an injury, so I've always had a soft spot for Paetsch and I wish him and Clarke nothing but the best.

- I went to Wednesday's game against the Capitals and I am more than a little peeved that my winning streak has ended, up until that game the Sabres were undeafeted when I was in attendence this season. The most entertaining parts of the game was crowd's standing ovation to Miller, and that I met up with several Sabres bloggers in between periods. It was also funny because I rarely see people I know when I go to Sabres games, but on Wednesday I bumped into so many people that I knew. I wonder if it was because it was the team's first home game since the Olympic break, so a lot more people made it out to the game. Although most games that I attend are sellouts anyways, so there goes that theory.

- That old feeling of "Here we go again..." is starting to creep in, so I've been avoiding looking up any stats or taking a peek at the standings. Hard to believe that with tonight's win over Philly the Sabres are again leading the Northeast Division with a few games in hand...what the hell?

- Ryan Miller shaved his beard and that disappoints me.

- How the hell did Emilio survive Project Runway's last elimination?

- I've never had the desire to get into any sort of physical altercation with anyone until I started working at my job. Today I was almost positive I was going to get into some fisitcuffs with a greasy haired, Walmart-loving white trash imbecile and some fat, mean spirited lady who was wearing her hair in pigtails despite the fact that she was pushing 50.

- I got a Tumblr! It will be a fun place for me to post things that inspire me, so follow me if you want to see a bunch of beautiful, wonderful photos of Marilyn Monroe.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Trade Deadline Mega Chat

The guys over at The Goose's Roost have put together a live, all-day chat so everyone can join in on all of today's hoopla. Make sure to stop by to chat with me and other fellow Sabres bloggers so we can discuss what goes on today! Should be a good time...and even if Darcy doesn't do shit at least we can all sit around and bitch about it together. Sounds lovely, doesn't it? I'll be poking in and out of the chat throughout the day, I plan on going to the Sabres morning practice and then I have a few errands to do before heading off to class at 3...but I'll try to join in as much as I can. I'm also going to the game tonight, so regardless of what happens today, I'm still stoked for that. Can't wait to give Miller the best standing ovation ever known to mankind!