Sunday, March 21, 2010

Insightful Hockey Commentary

I don't really know what's wrong, but I'm in some sort of blogging rut...I just don't really feel like I've had much to say regarding the Sabres and the NHL as a whole. This is one of the more exciting times of the season, as the league is in its final stretch of the regular season and teams are pushing to position themselves into the playoffs... I should have tons of things to say, but I really don't...which is why this blog has been lacking as of late. But then last night as I was watching the Sabres-Panthers game, I finally found something worth writing about.

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate Rick Jeanneret pondering whether or not Ryan Miller could "cut a rug like Fred Astaire". Don't play coy, you all know you have wondered the same exact thing, it's just that RJ was the first to wonder it out loud. Well, RJ... Ryan Miller CAN cut a rug like Fred Astaire, and I'm pretty sure if it wasn't for the NHL schedule getting in the way, he would be a contestant on "Dancing With The Stars" and he would own the dance floor. Who really cares about that lady with 8 kids whose soon-to-be ex-husband is going through a mid-life crisis? We want Ryan Miller, a true American hero...but unfortunately I think we're just all going to have to make due with watching him compete in the Stanely Cup playoffs. But seriously, I love Rick Jeanneret and Harry Neale together. They have this sort of humor that goes over a lot of the younger people's heads (myself included), but that's what makes them so great. I loved Harry's analogy when Miller got pulled in Atlanta... "Even Betty Crocker burned a cake occasionally". Right on, Harry, RIGHT ON.

I also love the fact that Ryan Miller and Jim Craig met each other after the game in Tampa. I wish there were pictures to accompany, but I found it funny that Ryan was a little worried that Jim Craig might have thought that he was from a family of lunatics because Ryan's cousins sat with Jim during the Olympics and were high fiving him and hugging him every chance that they got. Well I know I would hug and high five Jim Craig if I was ever given the opportunity. Same goes for Don Cherry too. And Larry David...

Anyways, the Sabres take on the Hurricanes today (I say today because it will still be daylight for a few hours after they drop the awesome is that?) at 5 pm. I appreciate the Ottawa Senators for cooling down over the past few weeks which has given the Sabres some breathing room, but I am really disappointed in Montreal for creeping up on us and giving us another team to keep an eye out for. How rude.

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