Monday, November 30, 2009

Back to Buff

So I'm back from my little rendezvous in NYC, which was a lot of fun. I had a great time and it was nice to get a little break from my normal, every day life and just have a little getaway with my cousins. It came from the expense of missing THREE Sabres games in a row. Three whole games. I really can't remember the last time I missed three games in a row. Due to work and other commitments, I have missed a game here and there, and most of the times I watch it on DVR, or I just don't get around to it. But three games? In a row? Preposterous.

Fortunately, my parents and my younger brother were sending me text updates for all the games so at least I was "in the know". It was sort of frustrating though when my dad would text me things like, "Rivet and Gaustad are both injured." or, "Miller is playing SPECTACULAR!" and I wasn't there to see all of the buzz. But I can't complain too much, because I was having a great time in NYC while all this was happening, so I guess some sacrifices had to be made.

I also saw a Sabres fan in SoHo (not the bar on Chippewa, the neighborhood in downtown Manhatten), while the Sabres were taking on the Flyers. He was wearing a New Era Sabres cap and I shouted, "Go Sabres!" to him and gave him a high was pretty awesome.

So now that I'm home I'm trying to get caught up on all the buzz that I missed when I was gone... apparently we're not worthy of Ryan Miller, Tiger Woods lately has a problem with his driving (but not his putting, a-thank you...), and a couple decided to crash a party at the White House... am I missing anything?

Glad the Sabres play tonight so I can get right back on track and watch them again.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

This Worries Me

3 games in a row...

Carry on.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend of Sass

So the Sabres had a very successful weekend, winning back-to-backs (I'm not even joking!) and snagging all 4 points! The days just seem to go by a lot easier when the Sabres are winning, don't you agree?

I attended the game on Friday against the Flames, and it was definitely a treat... Shootouts are always pretty thrilling but they're just a little too nervewracking for my liking. They literally make me bite my nails while I'm present during one, and my heart is pounding out of my chest. But when you look back in perspective after your team has won, you can say, "Shootouts are great! They're so exciting!" but as it's taking place I just keep saying to myself, "I HATE THESE THINGS. We shouldn't have let it get to this!"

Miller was his badass self (speaking of which, Ryan is a STAR this week!) and helped lead us to a victory, both in the shootout and in the second period when it took the Sabres FOREVER to finally register a shot on goal. But despite that, I liked the way the Sabres looked against the Flames all night and I was enjoying all the fights.

Plus Gumby and a watermelon were in attendence so I could tell that I was in for a good night. I also got my picture taken with Sabretooth. After years of being a Sabres fan, it finally dawned on me this year that I don't have a single picture with the big mascot himself. So I decided to change that last Friday. It was a pretty exhilarating moment, and you can tell by my expression in the picture.

Anyways, I took some nice pics from the game, as usual I post my favorite ones, but you can look at the whole batch on my Flickr. Onto las fotografías...

First up, me with the big guy himself:

Miller doing his pre-game meditation thing...

Patty K

Miller again


Andddd last but not least:

Those two were pretty funny the whole game. And afterwards when everyone was leaving, I saw them trying to get into all the fancy limos parked on the was pretty comical.

Anyways, looking forward to Wednesday and the weekend. I'll be in NYC next week so I'm not sure how many games I'm going to be missing...hopefully the Sabres find a way to carry on and win without me. I'm looking forward to a little change of scenery and getting away with a little bit, school has been pretty stressful for me because I'm registering for classes for next semester and I always find a way to make that as complicated as possible for me. Plus I'm still trying to get through this semester...luckily it's nearing its end. I'm missing the game on Friday because I'll be working an 11 hour shift... should make for an interesting (and long) day. Speaking of work, there was a little Sabres party yesterday. Well not really. But Drew Stafford, Derek Roy, Clarke MacArthur, and Chris Butler were all on a little group date together. It was pretty cute.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


It's a cold day, bitches! Ahh yes, and here I thought it was only a myth that the Sabres could win back-to-backs...

Tonight was pretty awesome, but was not without the ups and downs of a hockey game. A bb Sabre scored his first NHL goal, Ryan Miller continues to be LIKE A BOSS (that was for you, Phil), the Goose continues to honk, Patrick Kaleta shows that he has hockey skillz, and Chris Pronger looks like a big toe.

dream team

I'll post a recap of the Flames-Sabres game later... I had an amazing time and I got my picture with Sabretooth! I also took some pretty awesome pictures because I was cool and I remembered to bring the correct lens to the game with me. Until then...


Monday, November 9, 2009

Catwalk for Charity IV Recap!

My, my, my...what a night! I've got tons of great pictures and videos to share with you all... and some pretty funny stories as well. Let's get on it...

I'm kind of weird and I always get so nervous before every Catwalk...just because it's such a big event for me, being such a big Sabres fan. I'm a pretty reserved person by nature, so as much as I love to converse and socialize with people, I still get nervous around the Sabres. So I took some advice from my soon to be 16-year-old brother and had "some of that liquid courage", as he put it, and I had a glass of wine beforehand.

So I get to the Town Ballroom and everyone is all decked out in 50s attire...everyone looked so cute. I made sure to talk to Ryan, and I forgot how much of a lightweight I am...I was only on my second glass of wine and I was, how do you put it, maybe a little too friendly with Ryan. He's such a nice guy though, so he put up with me. Anyways, I told him how I went to The Refinery in East Lansing over the summer and how I was really impressed with the town and all that... we made small talk and I got my picture taken with him. It was funny because it was so early in the night and someone stumbled by and dropped their beer bottle and it made a real loud noise and Ryan shook his head and said, "Wow...already?" to Lalime (I think), who was standing by. Then the woman who was walking around with the golden retriever puppy went up to us and Ryan started holding the puppy so I had to get a picture! It was pretty cute.

Then I remembered that I was a woman on a mission... I forgot that I was on a quest to find out why Ryan got rid of his blog. So as he walked away I was like, "RYAN WAIT...I have a question." and I asked him why he deleted it. And he said, "Because we didn't win shit when I had it." I was like, "Yaa was was so good!" I think he said something along the lines of that he didn't think it was a good place for him to clear his mind or something...I can't really recall. I asked him if maybe he would consider blogging after the Olympics and he was like, "We'll see how I feel." Maybe when the Sabres start winning shit he'll reconsider and join the blogosphere again...let's hope because his blog was golden.

We were standing right by the photobooth and I remember last year I wanted to get pictures with Ryan in the photobooth, but he was being bombarded by fans asking him to and he kept saying, "Okay, but this is the last one..." and then like 5 other people would go up and ask...sooo last year I didn't want to bother him because he was being nice even though he had to be up onstage. So this year I decided to jump on the opportunity before he had to be somewhere and before everyone wanted a piece of him. So being the nice guy that he is he went in the photobooth with me! I remember apologizing... I was like, "Sorry I'm not normally like this..." and he smiled and was like, "You're fine." I just felt like I was being so naggy haha...but I couldn't help it. Catwalk for Charity is sort of like my time where I can socialize and talk to him and the rest of the players. Plus when else am I going to get the chance to get photobooth pics with Ryan Miller. Answer me that.

Right before the auction, Rick Jeanneret and Harry Neale came onto the stage and RJ was dressed in drag as a 1950s sock hop girl hahaha. It was a sight to see... My friend Michele won the bidding to have a wine tasting party with Ryan and the Goose...she told me that I could get in on that, so I'm pretty stoked for that. The fashion show, as always, was extremely entertaining and I took some videos of it. The players really seem to enjoy themselves on the catwalk and it's always awesome to watch the guys have fun.

After the fashion show I saw Ryan again and he was like, "Hey Caroline." and then I was like, "You're so precious!" and I hugged him and that liquid courage went into overdrive and I stood up on my tip toes and gave him a kiss on the cheek and then I kissed his hands. Jesus christ...poor Ryan hahahaha. It's so out of character for me, I can't believe I did that. I'm pretty sure I told him that I love when he has facial hair too... Good god, I'm sure Ryan is so used to being bothered by annoying girls, I just never wanted to fall into that category haha. Still shaking my head when I think about what I did haha.

Alright so now I saved the best story for last... Toward the end of the night I saw Tyler Myers and I went up to him and asked him if he remembered when he came into where I work and I told him how I thought his goal was sick. Then he goes, "Yeah I remember! I read it on your blog too!" and I was like, "You read my blog?!" and he said, "Yeah my dad sent me the link!" I was pretty floored when he said that. So if you happen to be reading right now, HI TYLER!

I was a little bummed that Mike Grier didn't really mingle around like the rest of the players so I never got a chance to talk to him... And Drew Stafford kept trying to convince me that some really tall dude was Tyler Myers. Tamara also told me that Stafford and Connolly bid 20 cents on the Patrick Kane jersey which is absolutely amazing. Pretty much made my day when she told me about it this morning.

I'm sure I'm leaving out a lot of stuff but that's all I can remember right now...and I don't want to keep you waiting for my pictures! Here is a link to my Flickr with all the pictures, and here are some of my favorites...

First annual photo of me with Ryan:

Photobooth fun:

His smile couldn't conceal the bewildered look in his eyes...

The Gooooose

nice midriff...

I just love this picture!

Aaaaand...last but not least:

Hell yes. I also have videos up on YouTube. They aren't titled yet...but most of them are of the players strutting down the Catwalk. I got a video of RJ and Harry too when Rick was in drag, make sure to check that out as well.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Not Amused

It will be a cold day in hell when the Sabres can win back-to-backs.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

"What's Gotten Into Marty Tonight?!"

Oooh, always know how to make me chuckle. Seriously though, I was thoroughly enjoying Marty's cranky mood last night. It was pretty obvious he was in no mood to deal with Kaleta's shenanigans. I think they should just always keep a person like Marty mic'd up, because I really would liked to have known what he was saying to Kaleta when the two were hugging, dancing, or whatever you want to call it.

I also liked how Miller said in his post-game inteview that he'd be too busy laughing to be able to throw a punch in on Marty if they were ever to fight. There are few things I love more in this world than a goalie fight...and one of these days I'd like to see Ryan mix it up, despite him being reluctant to just because he's a skinny guy. But a Marty-Miller match up would just be hilarious...and it will probably never happen. I am confident when I say that I think Ryan would do some damage to his opponent regardless of his stature, just because we all know how crazy scary he can get when he's pissed off.

The best part of this picture is the reaction on the crowd's faces.

Anyways...I don't have much to say about last night's win...other than I'm just really liking how the Sabres react after a loss. Granted, they've only lost twice in regulation so far, and while no one wants to see them lose, in an 82-game season, it's going to happen. What I'm more interested in is how the team reacts to a loss, and so far it's been pretty reassuring.

It's another big weekend for the Sabres as they will take on the tough Philadelphia Flyers and another division rival, the Boston Bruins. What will be interesting is to see Enroth...Lindy hinted that he'll most likely see playing time this weekend if Lalime is still out. And with another 3 games in 4 nights scenario, it would be best to give Ryan a break. So far Enroth has been struggling in Portland, so it'll be interesting to see how he and the rest of the team fairs with him in net. Oh, and they better play "My name is Jonas" by Weezer in the beginning of the game, should he start against Philly...or whenever his first home game start should be. It just has to happen, ok.

OH and before I forget...I finally took some pics of myself in the dress that I'm wearing to Catwalk for Charity this Sunday. Ch-ch-check it out:

Sooo naturally I'm pretty damn excited for Sunday...I'm getting my hair done to complete the Marilyn transformation. Here is what the original dress looks like, incase you don't remember. Ryan Miller gets a shutout, the Goose scores, Marty decides to go all berserk on us for a little bit, and I'm going to be getting my Marilyn on with some Buffalo Sabres on Sunday. All is well.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I had no idea that our little Jason Pominville was about to become a dad! You learn something new every day...

Not really sure why I ever would have known that, but it was still surprising for me to read that he and his wife have just welcomed a baby. I've said this several times on here before, but despite the fact that all the players on the team are older than I am (except for you, bb Tyler Myers), it's almost as if I've watched our core guys grow up in a sense. All the way from when they were just prospects in Rochacha, then seeing them flourish in the big leagues, and watching some ups and downs... And now they're getting married becoming daddies...cah-razzyyy!

Anyways, a big congratulations to Mr. Jason Pominville and his wife on their newest addition to the population of Pominville (that one was for you, Lindy).

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sloppy Mess

Chippewa might quite possibly be the most ridiculous place to be on Halloween.

That is all.