Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend of Sass

So the Sabres had a very successful weekend, winning back-to-backs (I'm not even joking!) and snagging all 4 points! The days just seem to go by a lot easier when the Sabres are winning, don't you agree?

I attended the game on Friday against the Flames, and it was definitely a treat... Shootouts are always pretty thrilling but they're just a little too nervewracking for my liking. They literally make me bite my nails while I'm present during one, and my heart is pounding out of my chest. But when you look back in perspective after your team has won, you can say, "Shootouts are great! They're so exciting!" but as it's taking place I just keep saying to myself, "I HATE THESE THINGS. We shouldn't have let it get to this!"

Miller was his badass self (speaking of which, Ryan is a STAR this week!) and helped lead us to a victory, both in the shootout and in the second period when it took the Sabres FOREVER to finally register a shot on goal. But despite that, I liked the way the Sabres looked against the Flames all night and I was enjoying all the fights.

Plus Gumby and a watermelon were in attendence so I could tell that I was in for a good night. I also got my picture taken with Sabretooth. After years of being a Sabres fan, it finally dawned on me this year that I don't have a single picture with the big mascot himself. So I decided to change that last Friday. It was a pretty exhilarating moment, and you can tell by my expression in the picture.

Anyways, I took some nice pics from the game, as usual I post my favorite ones, but you can look at the whole batch on my Flickr. Onto las fotografías...

First up, me with the big guy himself:

Miller doing his pre-game meditation thing...

Patty K

Miller again


Andddd last but not least:

Those two were pretty funny the whole game. And afterwards when everyone was leaving, I saw them trying to get into all the fancy limos parked on the was pretty comical.

Anyways, looking forward to Wednesday and the weekend. I'll be in NYC next week so I'm not sure how many games I'm going to be missing...hopefully the Sabres find a way to carry on and win without me. I'm looking forward to a little change of scenery and getting away with a little bit, school has been pretty stressful for me because I'm registering for classes for next semester and I always find a way to make that as complicated as possible for me. Plus I'm still trying to get through this semester...luckily it's nearing its end. I'm missing the game on Friday because I'll be working an 11 hour shift... should make for an interesting (and long) day. Speaking of work, there was a little Sabres party yesterday. Well not really. But Drew Stafford, Derek Roy, Clarke MacArthur, and Chris Butler were all on a little group date together. It was pretty cute.


Beth said...

Totally Ryan Miller oriented comment: I am sooooooo excited with the way he is playing right now. Bulking up over the summer and the core work done will mean this man is Olympic-bound for sure. IMO it totally has to do with the way that he is keeping his hair short this season (showing my female side Caroline, where do you work that you have this inside track to where the boys are all of the time?!? I have to hang out there. =)

Mike B said...

haha, I was sitting two rows up from Gumby and the watermelon. Pretty awesome, except they were standing during the SO so I couldn't really see when we were shooting that well.

Caroline said...

IMO it totally has to do with the way that he is keeping his hair short this season (showing my female side

Haha I liked when Ryan had long hair...especially in the playoffs with his beard, he looked like Jesus! But at least he's still rocking the facial hair even though his hair isn't long anymore. I'm hoping that once the playoffs roll around he grows is hair yet. Yessss.

And I work at a movie theatre in the Galleria Mall haha.

Caroline said...

haha, I was sitting two rows up from Gumby and the watermelon.

Haha I was sitting up in the 200 level behind them. From where I was sitting it was hard to tell what they were, and then I saw them on the jumbotron and I was like, "Alright then."