Friday, March 5, 2010

Bits & Pieces

So I've been meaning to write a nice, insightful post on my feelings about the Sabres as of late, but I just keep putting it off, and there are too many points that I wanted to touch on. I feel if I attempted to write a post, it would just be way too long-winded and boring and I just don't have the attention span to write it, so I'm pretty sure no one would have the attention span to read it. So here a few little bits and pieces on what I've been meaning to blog about over the past few days:

- First, I have to welcome Raffi Torres to the Sabres. I don't know a whole lot about Torres other than the fact that he's now the highest scoring Sabre on our roster and that his last reminds me of a certain Spanish pastime. It's also a little sad because him coming to Buffalo means that he won't have many more opportunities to get interviewed by his twin brother reporter:

- I also have to bid adieu to Clarke MacArthur and Nathan Paetsch. I will miss Clarke's jew fro and now I can't compare MacArthur to my younger brother, who shares a striking resemblence to him (jew fro and all). I no longer have the opportunity to drunkenly approach him at Catwalk for Charity and tell him how much he looks like my brother only for him to respond by saying, "I know, you told me before." And Nathan, I'm glad he will be given an opportunity to get more playing time with another club (hopefully), because I have always admired his work ethic and I appreciated the fact that whenever he was inserted into the lineup he really seemed to give it his all. And from what I've heard from Lindy and co, he never seemed to complain about the fact that he saw so little playing time. It has to be hard for a player to always be sitting in the press box, only to be inserted into the lineup when there is an injury, so I've always had a soft spot for Paetsch and I wish him and Clarke nothing but the best.

- I went to Wednesday's game against the Capitals and I am more than a little peeved that my winning streak has ended, up until that game the Sabres were undeafeted when I was in attendence this season. The most entertaining parts of the game was crowd's standing ovation to Miller, and that I met up with several Sabres bloggers in between periods. It was also funny because I rarely see people I know when I go to Sabres games, but on Wednesday I bumped into so many people that I knew. I wonder if it was because it was the team's first home game since the Olympic break, so a lot more people made it out to the game. Although most games that I attend are sellouts anyways, so there goes that theory.

- That old feeling of "Here we go again..." is starting to creep in, so I've been avoiding looking up any stats or taking a peek at the standings. Hard to believe that with tonight's win over Philly the Sabres are again leading the Northeast Division with a few games in hand...what the hell?

- Ryan Miller shaved his beard and that disappoints me.

- How the hell did Emilio survive Project Runway's last elimination?

- I've never had the desire to get into any sort of physical altercation with anyone until I started working at my job. Today I was almost positive I was going to get into some fisitcuffs with a greasy haired, Walmart-loving white trash imbecile and some fat, mean spirited lady who was wearing her hair in pigtails despite the fact that she was pushing 50.

- I got a Tumblr! It will be a fun place for me to post things that inspire me, so follow me if you want to see a bunch of beautiful, wonderful photos of Marilyn Monroe.


Jill said...

ok that seriously cracked me up about clark saying that to you!!! lol

Caroline said...

Haha, poor Clarke...