Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sabres Fans Atwitter Over Rumor

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a thread on a message board where people were discussing rumors about the Sabres being sold to a man named Terry Pegula. Then last night on Twitter, TBN writer Mike Harrington sent out a coy tweet telling Sabres fans to stay tuned for an exciting story that would be posted today. And here we are.

I feel like ever since Golisano bought the team there have been various rumors that have sparked about him selling the team, but this one seems to have generated a lot more interest with the more credible sources out there, such as The Hockey News and TSN. Obviously right now the Sabres are downplaying the rumor, which is to be expected considering the rumor essentially broke today.

Personally, I think there is a lot truth behind Pegula having a serious interest in buying the team, but I am wary about all the "information" that has come about that has to do with the letter of intent and when all of this will be official. In this day and age with Twitter, blogs, and message boards, it's so easy for people to get ahold of certain things and run away with it. Hell, if Matthew Barnaby's tweet about Roy punching Tim Connolly at Catwalk for Charity can generate a buzz among the hockey world, then we ought to be a little cautious when people start reporting details about all this.

Still, it's fun for fans to speculate. He's filthy rich, his wife is an avid Sabres fan, and he has strong ties to hockey. Which all bodes well for Sabres fans. I've always respected that Tom Golisano said that he is open to selling the team as long as the owner will keep the team in Buffalo. It's certainly going to be interesting and a lot of fun to see how all of this unfolds.

Moving onto the team, with the Sabres being off until Friday, I was going to get around to putting up a post describing my current feelings towards the season so far. Which could be summed up in one word basically: uncertain. I wanted to make a big post about my feelings and where to go from here, but with all this talk about the team being sold, that doesn't seem very interesting now, does it?

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