Thursday, June 24, 2010

Precious Jewels

Well...I am happy to report that I didn't have to have a Kanye moment! We were victorious my friends! And by we, I mean Ryan Miller and Tyler Myers.

Smiles all around... Look how proud and happy they are! Their speeches were so cute... They both seemed very humbled over the fact that they had won. Ryan seemed a little nervous giving his speech which was both adorable and endearing. It was a fun season to watch the Sabres and especially Ryan Miller. He worked hard to get in the position that he is in right now and he deserves all the accolades that he's getting. I'm so proud! He also won the NHL Foundation Award where he was awarded with $25,000 to go towards The Steadfast Foundation which is awesome.

Overall, I enjoyed the NHL Awards... Myers and Miller walked away with some hardware and I thought the Getzlaf/Ryan bit was really funny. The best part was the painting competition. And I got to see Miller and the rest of the hockey players all dressed up and lookin' snazzy in their suits...and we all know how well Ryan can rock suit which can displayed both here and here.

So congratulations, two really deserved it. Now go and enjoy your summer!


Steph said...

I wish the NHL would do more skits and commercials like the Getzlaf/Ryan one. I thought it was hilarious and that Bobby Ryan must have the best sense of humour for doing it. I agree - the painting scene was amazing! I think that type of advertising would be good for hockey - especially with the type of people who only watch sometimes and don't get very interested in the players personalities.

Caroline said...

I agree! I always thought Blackhawks TV was always hilarious with the bits that they do with the players...I wish Sabres TV was more like that.