Sunday, February 21, 2010

So Proud

Hey, USA... This is Ryan Miller and he's absolutely wonderful:

So proud of him right now... I'm proud that he's representing the USA, I'm proud that he's the goalie for the Sabres, and I'm just proud to see him getting so much national attention so far because he's a true competitor and he deserves it. Buffalonians all know how great he is, and now Ryan is showcasing himself in front of the whole world whenever he's in between the pipes during these Olympic Games.

The game was absolutely awesome...I can't remember the last time I've watched such an exciting game. It was pretty surreal seeing all those superstars all on the ice at once and it certainly made for an emotional game. I'm so proud of the entire team right now, but obviously I have to tip my hat to my main man... I knew he was capable of being as dominant as he was tonight, and I'm just so glad to see him win.

The Olympics are far from over...but I think most hockey fans were most exciting about tonight's game. Who knows what will eventually happen in the end, but all I know is that I'm overjoyed at the moment and couldn't be more proud of our little Olympian/superstar goalie!

And check this out...Ryan Miller was the number trending topic on Twitter tonight! How funny is that? I got such a kick out of it I had to capture the magic:

Yeah that's right...he was even ahead of the Kardashians. Such a celebrity.

Even celebrities like Joe Jonas and Alyssa Milano were showing Ryan some love. Gotta love it... I thought it was also cool that Jim Craig was tweeting throughout the night giving Miller all kinds of love. Very cool!

Can't wait to see what else Ryan and Team USA is going to do in Vancouver... Only wish I was there so I could celebrate with all of my fellow USA fans, and maybe buy a few rounds for the boys.


Let's Go Buffalo! said...

I couldn't be more proud of him, and it's awesome he's getting all the recognition he deserves.

Oh and what the heck, who's Alyssa Milano's fave team anyway?

Caroline said...

Hahaha, I have no idea...

Jill said...

It was such an awesome game and you are right I haven't seen such a fantastic game in a long time.

Caroline said...

It was magical, Jill!

Miller Fan In Arizona said...

What an awesome game. Been a long while since I've seen an Olympic game that was that good.

Ryan was amazing in this game. Love all of the attention he's getting on the networks today.

Great photo of him today on the blog.

Still a ways to go in the tournament but I'm liking this team. I think Mike Eruzione had a great statement yesterday about this team (he was on MSNBC). He said this team is doing well because they are a team. No huge stars like Canada (obviously, they're all good) but the US knows the meaning of the word team, similar to 30 years ago. :)

Caroline said...

Yes, that's a great point... There seems to be a lot of heart on this squad.