Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Miller or Hiller Time?

After I saw Switzerland beat Belarus in a shootout yesterday, I knew that goaltending would be a huge part of today's game. Hiller was absolutely lights out and was much busier than Ryan, but in the end, Ryan and Team USA got it done and indeed, it still is Miller Time...

Ryan also earned a shutout en route to Team USA's victory which now advances them to the semifinals. Very exciting!

This game was certainly nerve wracking and it didn't go without some controversey, a very close call at the end of the second period when the US scored just when time expired and when a goal was waived off in the third period. Zach Parise scored early in the third and then sealed the deal with an empty-netter, which led to a huge sigh of relief by myself and I'm sure many other USA hockey fans.

I think it's so cool how much love Jim Craig is showing Ryan Miller on his Twitter. I think that's a pretty huge honor for Ryan, and the funny thing is it seems as though Craig is just as honored to have Miller be apart of USA hockey.

Speaking of which, here is an adorable interview with that 5-year-old kid who went viral a few months ago for reciting Herb Brooks' speech from the movie, Miracle. To be honest with you I haven't even watched the video of him reciting the speech until I saw this interview...I guess I never got around to it. But in the video the boy says that he recited the speech to Team USA before their big game against Canada, and he even went up to Ryan Miller and told him that he was going to have a great game. It's a really cute interview, the little boy is really adorable and he's so confident in front of the camera!

Semifinal round is on Friday... Go USA! Now onto watch the Canada-Russia game. Should be great...can't believe that one of them is going to go home empty handed.


Miller Fan In Arizona said...

Hiller was terrific today. Didn't look real steady yesterday. But he was on today.

Boo to NBC today!! The game was already over when we were finally shown the start of the game here in Arizona. The joys of tape delay. We had to wait two hours after the opening face-off to hear Doc, Ed-zo and Pierre and their "coverage". I watch them minus the sound. Boo to NBC and their tape delay strategy!!

Great effort by both teams today. Can't wait for the weekend to get here. It definitely will be Miller Time.

Caroline said...

Aw that sucks...I heard some west coast fans complaining because of the tape delay. I heard that the semifinal game will be live for everyone though. :)