Thursday, January 28, 2010


Today was especially cold, and with winds whipping in your face along with snow, it didn't make for ideal outdoor walking conditions. But needless to say, I did a whole lot of outdoor walking today seeing as though my day was packed full of classes. To add insult to injury, the parking accomodations at Buff State are pathetically atrocious. Many times I have described the parking situations as "a joke", but I think I'm going to refrain from using that expression from now on considering it's so bad that it's not even a laughing matter anymore. Sometimes I get so enraged about it that I'm convinced that it's the last day that I'm going to put up with this shit and I'm just going to drop out of this god forsaken school and tell everyone over at Parking Services (who have the audacity to charge me $70 a year for the "privilege" of having to put up with this bullshit and then they go out and hand out bogus parking tickets every chance they can) to collectively go fuck themselves. But then I calm down and come back down to reality and go about my day.

So after I walked from my car that was parked in a sketchy factory's parking lot in the West Side, I was in Buff State's Study Quad trying to regain the feeling in my fingers and in my face again. I decided to pursue Google Analytics to see the recent activity that has taken place on my blog over the past few weeks, when I stumbled across this gem while looking at the top search queries:

"holy shit buffalo is cold"

Just about sums it up, I'd say. Seems pretty fitting that today would be so bitter cold considering it's the 33rd anniversary of the Blizzard of '77. Looks like Old Man Winter just wanted to pay homeage to that infamous storm.

And just so everyone's clear: Over the past few seasons, Rick Jeanneret has taken a vacation that usually takes place during the team's West coast trip, which is why he hasn't been calling the games lately. I've been getting a ton of hits from people who have searched for that, so there...that's your answer. I'm also still getting a lot of search queries that have to do with Ryan Miller being Jesus. Hey, I've never been the one to make comparisons here...but if the shoe sandal skate fits. Someone searched, "ryan jesus miller". I'm pretty positive that's not his middle name, but if he were to ever change it to that, let's just say I'd fully endorse his decision. Just saying.


Mike said...

I've been at Buff State for a long time now, since 1993 (first as a student and for the last 11 years as staff). As long as I've been here, parking has always been atrocious. It gets worse with every major project. The dorm formerly known as L Lot now means that if I don't get in before 9am, I'm parking way across Grant Street. So I feel your pain. Hang in there, at least you have some hope of escaping this place eventually. ;)

Caroline said...

Yeah, the removal of L Lot has made things a lot more interesting to say the least. I understand that the school needs more dorms (since some students are living at the Adam's Mark), but they need to really fix the parking problem, and not by just "expanding" M lot that's so far away from campus.

I think they should build a parking garage or something. I know parking lots can be sketchy, but I can't imagine it being more sketchy than some of the lots we already have are.