Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Come To Mama

So I didn't watch the Pens game so that's my excuse for not wanting to discuss it...and frankly anything involving Ottawa scares me so I don't want to talk about them either. I'm only kind of looking forward to tonight's game just because the last game I saw was the Boston game (which I attended), so I want to see some Sabres hockey... But mostly I'm just nervous about tonight. It's kind of like wanting to cover your eyes during a scary part in the movie and having someone telling you when it's over.

So enough of the big, bad Sens...let's talk about happier things. Like the fact that I finally got my hands (figuratively speaking, it hasn't arrived in the mail yet) on this thing of beauty:

So excited. I called about every single sports store in Buffalo, e-mailed several online stores, but to no avail...Nike is completely sold out of the Team USA jerseys. I thought I was going to have to make due with the Miller Team USA t-shirt that I got...or I was going to buy a youth jersey and hope that the largest sized would I have to do none of that. I got the real deal. I was contemplating getting a blank Team USA jersey and then have someone customize it with Miller's name and number, so I went on to try and find the exact lettering and numbers Team USA is using. And low and behold, they were now selling the Team USA jerseys! I immediately placed my order and now in a few weeks I'm going to be a proud owner of that baby. I even called's customer service to confirm that I had indeed ordered a Ryan Miller Team USA jersey. I was all, "Let me get this straight...I just ordered an adult Nike Team USA IIHF 2010 Road Replica Jersey? That will say "Miller" and "39" on the back? Yes? This isn't a joke?" Sweet, sweet victory. If anyone is planning on buying a jersey through, let me know because I have a code to use that will get you 20% off the order.

Anyways, I uploaded the pictures I took at the Sabres-Bruins game last Friday. They're up on my are a few of my favorites:

Hope you like them...

Oh and I'd like everyone to know that I've added NHL Predictions under my favorite websites section of my blog, so if you're into making predictions and betting on NHL games, check this site out.


Beth said...

Hahaha! Caroline I sooooo feel your pain with the Miller jersey. I can now tell you how much it costs to add a name and number on a jersey and if they have the ability to get the correct font from like every place within 20 miles from my house. Luckily I got wind of the Sabres Store getting some jerseys and put my name on the list - and a short 4 days later became the proud owner of that beautiful piece of cloth as well. =)

Nice pics too.

Caroline said...

Yesss the Sabres Store! I called them too but when I called they were closed so no one answered, and I ended up placing my order on before I tried them again. I'm just happy that I finally got ahold of the jersey when every other place I tried either said, "No." when I asked if they would be carrying it or, "I don't know." if I asked if they planned on restocking the USA jerseys.

And thanks! :)

Jill said...

Glad you got that fabulous looking jersey!

*looking at the sens with my angry eyes*

Mike said...

Thanks for letting us know that these are actually available somewhere. I'll be checking with the Sabres store tomorrow night to see if I can get one there.

Miller Fan In Arizona said...

Thanks for the 4 new photos. Love the black and white ones. Seem simple but at the same time can show a lot of detail. They all look terrific. has jerseys. They have the replica ones and I think you can personalize them, for a lovely fee, of course. They don't have the one I want (the 2010 dark blue one), so I will just wait. I guess I could wear my 2006 blue one but the player I had it personalized with, didn't make the team this time.

Terrific that everyone supports the team! I really hope the men and women's teams do well this time.

Caroline said...

Thanks, Jill!

The last time I checked USA Hockey they were completely out of the 2010 jerseys, except for toddler sizes. But now it looks like the alternate ones are available in adult sizes. When I e-mailed them they told me they weren't sure if they were going to restock them or not.

Mike, if the Sabres Store is sold out or something, let me know if you're going to buy them through because I'll give you a coupon code!

And thanks for the compliments on my photos (there's more to see if you click on the link I posted to my Flickr)...I really appreciate it! :)