Friday, May 15, 2009

Screw The East

Well, here's hoping that the Cup remains in the West this year. I think the Pittsburgh-Carolina series comes down to which team I hate the least...and that would be the Penguins. I honestly don't care which team prevails because I can't stand either team. But the thought of the Hurricanes winning another Cup doesn't sit well with me at all so I guess I would rather see the Pens in the Finals than the 'Canes. Gross.

Last night wasn't a great night for me hockey-wise. The two teams that I wanted to win didn't. But I will say that both games were extremely exciting to watch (unlike the Pens-Caps game...what a let down that was). The Detroit-Anaheim game was crazy and it really was a shame that it had to end with that unfortunate goal. Detroit is a team that can always score one or even two goals at the very end of the game to take the lead and grab the win right out from under the other team's feet (or skates?). I felt bad for Hiller, he looked like he was crying during the handshake. Poor guy. I have all the respect in the world for Anaheim after that series, they really battled hard and they almost eliminated the Red Wings. Wish they could have prevailed, but props to them nonetheless. As for the Boston-Carolina game, overtime in a Game 7...doesn't get much better than that. I thought Boston was going be the team that came ontop, but in overtime as we all know, it can all end in a flash.

Although I really do like Detroit and I respect them, I am hoping that the Blackhawks win the series and head onto the Finals. Just because I don't want to see another repeat and it would be a great story for the NHL if the young Blackhawks won the Cup. Plus I still like Soupy and of course I have to root for our hometown boy, Pat Kane. An Original Six series will be fun, and I think the 'Hawks have it in them to beat the Wings...but obviously it won't be easy.

So here's hoping that the 'Hawks prevail over the Wings and then inihilate the Penguins once they reach the Finals. That would be very nice.

On a completely unrelated note, tonight I took care of Marshawn Lynch at work. He's a goofy one. Although he was acting silly he was nice and he called me "sweetie", so he's cool in my books. So what if he owns guns illegally, likes to smoke bud, and runs over drunk Canadians who are dancing in the street between Delaware and Chippewa? Big deal, right? Right. He also started a silly, nonsensical argument with me...good times I tell ya.


Jill said...

Watch out Caroline he might pull out his gun and try to run your ass over! Then offer you some pot to ease your pain.

Caroline said...

Haha, well I guess it's good thing that I was behind glass (I work at a movie theatre). I get customers asking me if the glass is bullet proof a lot, surprisingly he didn't ask. But he did slam into it a few times. Showing off his hitting skillz.