Thursday, May 21, 2009


So when the playoffs started, I was still pretty bummed about the Sabres missing out yet again, but I was quickly distracted by all the great hockey that was being played. I was really enjoying all the match-ups and I thought it was an exceptionally exciting playoffs. But now we've approached the Conference Finals, and I find myself a little bored to be honest. I think it's because I have zero interest in the Eastern Conference Finals, and I have watched a grand total of 0 seconds of it. I just don't care...and I sort of feel bad. I feel it's almost my duty as a hockey fan to watch the Conference Finals.

Then there's the Wings-'Hawks match-up. I thought the series would be a little more exciting, but so far I am not that blown away. Maybe it's because I am partial to the 'Hawks winning and things haven't gone their way yet. I'm sure there were plenty of Buffalo fans shaking their head at Soupy's gaffe that lead to Detroit's OT game winner. I heard that Sports Center was running a "highlight"-reel all of Soupy's playoff mistakes at crucial moments. I don't think that puck over the glass penalty needs to be reminded to anyone in Buffalo. Poor Brian. I like him okay. I know a lot of fans are all, "Good riddance!" about him...but I will admit that sometimes I miss the way he could cary the puck out of our zone... So it's not as if I'm crying for him to some day return to us, but I wish him well.

I don't really feel like watching another Detroit-Pittsburgh series in the Finals...that's sooo 2008. It would be a pretty disappointing finish to an exciting 2009 playoffs in my opinion. I wish teams like Anaheim and Washington were still in it, but life goes on.

There seems to be a common theme among many of the Sabres blogs as of late...and it's that the fans are missing the Sabres. I'm glad I'm not the only one. All this hockey has been fun over the past month or so, but I want my hockey back. It's a bummer to know that the playoffs aren't even over yet and I'm missing our boys. Can't they help a sister out and throw together a cute little pick up game or something. Make it happen. I will not tolerate these extended offseasons anymore. I am forced to sit at Bidwell Park and watch the hippies dance and play frisbee. It's a sad, sad sight sometimes. I could be watching my favorite professional NHL athletes partaking in the great sport of hockey but instead I am subjected to these barefoot earthy people with questionable personal hygeine. All is NOT right in the world. Just kidding...sort of. I have a soft spot for hippies...they're environmentally conscious and they can be a good source of entertainment. Mad earthy boos.

The only thing remotely close to a "Sabres fix" is that my friend Scott saw a certain wonky eyebrowed goalie in aviators grabbing some coffee the other day. Scott referred to him as "Miller-O" (a la Jackie O and her uncanny ability to always look like she was going incognito) due to the aviators that he was sporting. I hope he's aware that it's pretty impossible for him to be incognito given his body type. Please. I could spot that man in a crowd of 1500 without even trying. Sahh sahry.

Speaking of which, he looked very snazzy tonight presenting awards at the Buffalo Fan Awards, an award show for local high school and college athletes. I'm a former student of Orchard Park high school, and that school is very dedicated to sports. This year was a very special year for the football team because they won State but it was also because they dedicated their season to a friend of mine named Lindsay who sadly died this past November. She was a great person and a great athlete and it was great to see the team and the community support her family during such an awful time. There's a lot that goes into the story, but to make it short a lot of the guys on the team really felt as though Lindsay was there to help them gain control of the game in the second half and win the game to get the title. The team's quarterback, Kyle Hoppy won Boys Athlete of the Year for a large school and his touchdown run at the championship game also won Play of the Year. I know Kyle's family well and he's a good kid so it's neat to see him get this recognition. It's also nice to see Coach Tundo (head coach of the football team) win Boys Coach of the Year. He was my gym teacher for a few years when I was in high school and he also coached my brother when he was on the football team...he's a riot. I'll always have a soft spot for Mr. Tundo. One of these days I should pay him a visit...but I digress.

There was also a professional athlete category and Ryan Miller and Trent Edwards won Athlete of the Year for their respective sports while Pat Kane won WNY Athlete of the Year. Atta boys.

So if that pick up Sabres hockey game doesn't come into fruition and I have a feeling it will not, the closest thing I have to a Sabres fix (besides seeing Miller-O getting his daily intake of a caffeinated beverage), there's a nice interview with Ryan over at the Buffalo Fan Awards website where he discusses what it was like growing up playing hockey, the Sabres, and his Steadfast Foundation. So enjoy that...hopefully a member of the Sabres will contact me about forming a pick-up game...I'll be sure to make a Facebook event and invite everyone to the shindig. It would be a bundle of fun.

I got my grades for the Spring Semester today and I am pretty happy overall with how I did. With that over with, I'm really looking forward to relaxing this summer and enjoying the wonderful weather. I've been working a lot, but when I'm not working I'm usually spending my time outside. Thursday at the Square begins next Thursday and I was glad to see that I'm not working so I'll be able to go to that. Still saving up money so I can attend Lollapalooza in August. I am also excited to see No Doubt in June. I've probably mentioned that several times on here already, but I really can't wait. The closer it approaches the more excited I get. I still can't believe I am seeing them live. I've been such a huge fan since I was a young kid and Gwen Stefani has always been sort of an idol of mine when I was kid. If I were ever to be a rock star I'd want to be like her. She's just so cool. Her hot husband was just in Buffalo a few weeks ago playing a show at the Town Ballroom and unforunately I could not attend. But I'm so excited to see Gwen and the rest of No Doubt and I have sick "seats"...right up against the stage. It's going to be a bitchin' time.


Jill said...

Awesome interview thanks!

Caroline said...

No problem

Jill said...

My SIL went to Clarkson and I brought that to her attention. LOL. You just want to eat him up! Going shopping with his mom... love it!

I am not sure how he would think he could go around Buff incognito. Or maybe he was hiding in plain site? Or he was just getting some coffee... Starbucks? Or a local shop? Please don't tell me it was Dunkin'. If it was I will have to drive to Buffalo and slap some sense into him, take his hand and walk him to the closest coffee place that isn't DD.

OK sorry... there is just no reason to drink bad coffee. It's like drinking shitty wine. Don't do it.

Anyway... I hope you have fun at your shows! I am not a concert person. I don't know why. I absolutely LOVE music. I have to listen everyday. Have lots of fun!

Caroline said...

Hahahaha Scott said it was like he was trying to hide behind is coffee cup, and he was at a local coffee shop, called Spot Coffee.

I LOVE going to concerts, live music is the best. And thanks! :)

Jill said...

HA! You know I can't blame him. I am sure sometimes he just wants to go to the store or run his errands with hopes people just look and leave him alone. Kinda feel bad for the guy.

I know if I was in his position I would have a hard time having to be social when I didn't want to all the darn time. I already duck and dodge away from people in stores like former co-workers or classmates (my secret is out I guess) who would ask too many questions about my health issues. I just don't want to answer the questions.

Caroline said...

I used to be pretty shy and I didn't like seeing people I knew in public unless they were close friends. But over the years I have gotten a lot better at that. I'm not so shy anymore, I guess I would describe myself as reserved.