Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Something HAD to Give

The Sabres looked sexy in their new jerseys and it reflected in their play.

So the past few games the Sabres have looked much better and played more responsible, yet they still came out on the losing end. There were chances that we didn't capitalize on, and a few lucky bounces for the opposing team made for frustrating losses. Something had to give, right? Well tonight was our night.

Not only did our boys look very sharp in their third jerseys, but they played just the type of game they needed to win. The physicality was there. It was great seeing Roy getting two goals like that, especially since he's been criticized this season for his lack of production. Kaleta played his game, and I thought those two calls against him were very questionable. Especially the goalie interference one. Yeah, you can't bump the goalie but sometimes you can't prevent it. Especially when Miller was getting a lot of contact the entire game with no calls. It was great seeing Hecht score. It's always exciting for the fans to see your team score a shorthanded goal, and it sure puts a damper on the team who's up a man. I thought our defense was responsible for the most part, although I thought there was some dicking around in our zone during our two goals against. It looked like a whole lot of standing around and not a lot of playing the man and trying to clear the crease. Miller looked solid and had a few nice, timely saves. I thought Max and Tallinder both responded well for being benched the past two games.

I thought the officiating was bad. Inconsistent, as always. I guess we can say they are consistently inconsistent. Chara should have been penalized for tripping up Roy, but I'm sure they didn't call it a trip because Roy has a reputation for diving. So even though the officiating wasn't on our side tonight, our boys still stuck to their game plan and pulled out a much-needed win. It's good for them to finally get a win, because the last few games were extremely frustrating so it's nice for a team's confidence to have things finally go their way. When the Sabres play like this it's very reassuring to me because I think when they play this type of game they can really go into any game and they have a chance to beat any team.

So tomorrow is Thanksgiving for us Americans. Thanksgiving is pretty low-key for me. It's just at my house with my immediate family. We have a lot of good food, watch some football, and just relax. We save seeing the entire family for Christmas. I could go on and say all the things I'm thankful for; my health, my wonderful friends and family, yadda yadda yadda. You know. Well I am also thankful for this picture:

So presh! Look how cute that picture is, seriously. That baby is awesome. She's posing and everything. She's awesome and she wants you to know it. Plus look at how cute Ryan is holding a baby. What's better than a man knowing how to be around kids? Total turn on. Am I right ladies, am I right?! All together now, ladies....awwww. Loves it. I am also thankful for a friendship pairing as cool and as attractive as THIS. Total BFFs.

After enjoying my Thanksgiving I'll be going to the game on Friday against the Penguins. The Sabres will be sporting their sassy third jerseys and I can't wait to see how hot they all look in them in person. Hopefully I'll have some nice photos to share with you all. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and happy Sabres victory!


Rachael and Lucinda said...

At the meet and greet Ryan was so great with all the kids. He would pull them right in for pictures. *sigh* I love the man. hahaha


Caroline said...

That's so precious. He's always been good with signing autographs and taking pictures with fans I've noticed. But when it's with's just THAT much better. *sigh* is right haha.

Shelby Rose said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Caroline!

'Dicking' around is the correct term to use with the Sabres defense on those two goals. For most of the night though, they were very responsible in their own end.

Caroline said...

Thanks, Shelby!

Yep, dicking around can sum up our defense a lot.

Jill said...

I love that pic! He looks like a pro!

Caroline said...

Yeah he does. He'll be great with the Goosemiller babies. ;)

Phil said...

Cripes, Caroline...that pic of Goose and Millsy is your favorite evah isn't it?

Caroline said...

YES! Well, my favorites of them. That bb one is cute too.

Jael said...

Hockey players with babies... AAAAWWWWWWWWW.

I just say, we can't help being chicks.

Also. The boys were very shexy indeed tonight.

Caroline said...

Yes, it's just natural for any female to love men with babies. So when it's a hockey player...hellooooo.