Sunday, November 9, 2008

Shipping Up to Boston

Alright, so this team is so enigmatic sometimes. They have been playing so well in every aspect. The offense was scoring, the defense was responsible, the goaltending was spectacular, special teams were great, lines were geling, and even Andrew Peters was playing with some skill. Okay, great. Everything is fine and well in Sabreland. Then...what? In the games that they have lost, well, they looked like last year's team. Why? I thought the games where they played great was their way of showing me that they have learned from last year's mistakes. So, what gives? Immaturity? Really? I mean, this team is young, but they are experienced. The majority of these guys were there on our consecutive playoff runs. And now they have the experience of what it's like to miss the playoffs. So, they should know how to win. Every team goes through a funk, and I guess it's better for them to finish the season hot than not. So, get your shit together boys and start playing like the good team I know you're capable of being.

Oh, and can we please talk about how awesome this quote is by Ryan Miller?

"I'm not real happy," Miller said. "Hockey gods frown upon thee. Those were three ugly goals."

There it is. So I'm a little bummed out about his last two performances after he's been playing like a brick wall, and then he gives himself a little bit of redemption with that quote. Hockey gods frown upon thee?! That shit is funny. I love it. Has it maybe earned the right to be one of my favorite quotes? I don't know. But I love quotes, and I find them inspiring to read. So when I say I have a favorite quote, I don't take the term lightly. But as of now, it's a pretty damn good one. Partially because it's said by Ryan Miller, so it automatically makes it 10x better than if it was said by someone else.

Speaking of Mr. Miller, I wonder what's up with him the past two games. It's only two games so I'm not going to act as if he's turned into a sieve over night, but I wonder what's wrong. I'm not buying that he needs rest. He's only played 11 games. Okay, last year when he played 34 damn games in a row is when it was ridiculous. Even though he and a stringbean share the same frame, I think the little guy can handle 7 games in a row.

He wasn't focused, which brings me to the only plausible conclusion. I think he must have ordered a bunch of V-necks from American Apparel (you know, that special offer they have? A 3-pack for only $52, you know what I'm talking about) but he found out right before the game that they have been placed on backorder. It totally threw off his concentration. He probably had his whole wardrobe for the next week planned out, but then the devastating news of his precious V-necks being placed on backorder totally threw off his concentration. Can't you see it? "Well, now that my cranberry V-neck isn't going to come in, what am I going to wear on Tuesday with my True Religions? Maybe that cardiga- OH SHIT, A GOAL."

Get yo head in the game, bb. Same goes for the rest of you boys in blue and gold too.


Shelby Rose said...

Hockey gods frown upon thee.

Haha, oh my God, I want video/audio of him saying this!

Caroline said...

I know, me too! He always gives the best interviews, and last night the post-game show cut off on me so I missed it. Booo you whores.

Jill said...

He cracks me up. He seems to be trying not to beat himself up too hard about it I guess. It just makes us love him even more!

As for Miller's issues in net... maybe he needs some action... I don't know if he is getting any... or maybe he is getting too much... and he is all worn out... it's all speculation. LOL! Oh geez... now I'm blushing!

Caroline said...

Yeah, either Ryan needs to get some ass or he's distracted from getting too much ass. It's all about balance, Ryan. Pace yourself, my boy.

Jael said...

Tee hee.

Ryan Miller said "thee."

Hee hee hee.

Caroline said...

I know, right? I wish there was an audio of it somewhere....damnit.

Jill said...

Yeah, either Ryan needs to get some ass or he's distracted from getting too much ass.

I am sure if he even hinted at the need of getting some ass there would be a mile long line at his front door in minutes!

OK I will leave him alone now. He seems too darn nice to pick on.

Caroline said...

Well he's usually pretty honest in his interviews. I can see it. "Well to be honest, I haven't gotten any in like 2 months...which is like 15 years for me. It's really messing with my game."

Nah, I think he's doing just fineee in that department. Must be something else. I still blame the V-necks.

Jill said...

Nah, I think he's doing just fineee in that department.

OHHHHH... Caroline has the scoop and she is not telling us! LOL! Just kidding... LMAO!

Caroline said...'s a small town! ;)