Thursday, November 13, 2008

I've got the Blues

Can I start off by saying that right now I'm pretty stressed out. I have a paper due tomorrow that I haven't begun, and I know I won't write it because I'm not prepared to answer the question. So it's stressing me out knowing that I'm going to turn it in late. I'm also bothered because my right knee is acting all wonky and busted. I don't know what I did but I pulled a muscle behind my knee and around my groin. I am walking so wonky right now you wouldn't believe! I didn't go to class today because of all the walking I would have to endure and I thought giving the knee a day off wouldn't be so bad. Maybe I should give old Timmy Connolly a call and ask him how to cope with these injuries. Oh, he's too busy nursing his bruised chest back to health? Rats...

Onto happier only took thirteen years, but the Sabres have finally beaten the St. Louis Blues on home ice! Atta boys! Oh, and Hank's goal celebration was so awesome, that Sabres TV decided to post it and everything for your viewing pleasure. And this little tid bit from is just priceless:

The Sabres enjoyed a laugh at the expense of defenseman Henrik Tallinder following practice.

As players entered the locker room, a video of the blueliner’s goal looped to Chubby Checker’s version of “The Twist.”

Hahaha. Thumbs up to whoever made that video. Awesome.

Go ahead, Hank!

Kudos to Andrew Peters last night. Two fights in one period? Excellent. Overall, it was great seeing the Sabres score three goals in a row like that (Sorry, Manny), but then they sort of sat back on their early lead and kept letting the Blues creep in instead of closing the door altogether. But then I thought they settled down and earned two points. Great. Not too much to complain about when your team earns two points.

Oh and what's going on in voting land, Sabres fans? Are you all voted out after that crazy election we had a few weeks ago? Maybe that explains why the Canadiens are owning in every category in the East. No, that's probably because Habs fans can be a little batshit crazy sometimes. But what's up with poor Ryan Miller being the only Sabre representing us right now. No Vanek? No Teppo?, Roy? Okay, maybe that's a given. Ryan is only hanging in there as it is, vote his skinny ass into the All-Star game! In all honesty, I don't really care about the All-Star game. It's a do I put it? Boring Lackluster. But it's still fun seeing our boys there. I won't cry myself to sleep if Ryan Miller or Teppo Numminen aren't voted into the All-Star game but hey, it would be fun seeing them there proudly representing the blue and gold. So stop being lazy and get on that annoying, lagging voting website and DO THE RIGHT THING.


Shelby Rose said...

Apparently, the Habs fans have some JavaScript thing where they're voting like crazy...that's the only reason why they have all the votes they do. They're cheating. (I got this from The Pensblog, and I tend to trust those guys with their witty-ness.)

I am pretty disappointed that Ryan is the only one hanging in there for the team. But I look at this as...the experts choose the rest of the team after the starting lineup is made up, not the fans. Sure, maybe the starting lineup will be all Habs, but if Ryan is the second/third goaltender, or Van is on the second/third/fourth line, I'm all for it.

Jill said...

I only watch the skills competition... the game... yeah a snore.

Of course! Hab's cheating! This is my shocked look.

Caroline I'm sorry you hurt! I understand your pain! Take a pain pill and down a bottle of wine... works every time! OK don't follow my example... I'm not a DR... nor do I falsely represent myself as one. Maybe you can hook up with a fabulous massage... may not make your knee feel better but it will everything else feel mellow!

Caroline said...

Oh yeah, I'm not surprised about the voting thing. There's always some loophole that whacky fans find. Whatever. I'm sure the NHL will regulate the voting so it's not all Habs players. Every team needs at least one representative, and Ryan and Thomas are the players that would get the nod I'm sure to represent our team.

Thanks Jill, I appreciate it. Ah yes, painkillers and wine...perfect lol. A massage would be great, I could really use one...

Jael said...

The Habs fan have bots doing the voting for them... It's def cheating. Def.

It's evil and must be stopped. Right now.


Hope your knee feels better soon. =( I did something similar when I was twelve-ish. Couldn't really walk for a few days.