Sunday, November 14, 2010

Forty: The Sabres in the NHL

So right now everyone is feeling prettaayyy, prettaaayy, prettaaaayyy good now that we have FINALLY seen our two sports teams win at home! And we're all still reminiscing over Vanek's SIQ GOAL. Sometimes sports is all about living in the moment, and right now, things just feel good. So if you're in the mood to reminisce a little more, head over to the Albright-Knox art gallery for the Sabres exhibit.

That's what I did today with a few friends. And it was really awesome. I could have easily spent hours in there just looking at all the great photos that were taken over 40 years. Accompanying the great pictures were video compilations of various things. Highlight reels focused on the goalies, the fights, and the fans. Lindy and Ryan Miller were the commentators in the goalie video where they talked about the great goalies over the years, mostly focused on Dominik Hasek of course. Then Rob Ray, Matthew Barnaby, and Brad May were the main commentators in the fights compilation. It was fun to weave through the exhibit looking at all the pictures while hearing classic Rick Jeanneret calls, fans cheering, and the goal horn that were coming from the videos.

The coolest part of the exhibit was the NHL in 360ยบ feature that they had. You went in a room that had a huge projection on the wall where you got to see a Sabres game through the perspective of the players. You got to see what it's like to be sitting on the bench during the action and having Lindy bark orders in your ear. You got to see what the game looks like in Ryan Miller's perspective, when the action is right by the net or when he is making a save. You got to see it through the skater's eyes, and you got to see what it's like to change on the fly. It was all really awesome. I could have sat in that room alone for a few hours just to take it all in.

The exhibit runs until January 9th so you still have plenty of time to see the exhibit, I'm sure I will be there a few more times before it ends. The Cup and other trophies will also be at the art gallery from January 2nd-5th to go along with the World Juniors. I've seen the Cup when it was at the art gallery before, and I'd highly recommend going... You get to see it up close and touch it just like you would able to at the Hockey Hall of Fame. Other trophies like the Vezina Trophy will also be there too, which will be especially cool to see now that our very own Ryan Miller is now a proud winner of the award.

Here are some pictures I took at the exhibit...

My friend Saletha getting cozy with Ryan Miller.

Our coach.

Great shots of the fans in the stands over the years.

I just love this one!

You can see more pictures I took at the exhibit right here.

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