Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Division Champs

Did the Sabres win their final home game of the regular season while clinching the Northeast Division at the same time? Check.

Did the Sabres beat the disgusting, pathetic, disgraceful New York Rangers which could potentially keep them out of playoff contention? Check.

Well, then. Everything seems to be a-okay with me. And it's always nice to see Ryan Miller get all fiesty and getting himself a roughing penalty when players want to rough him up...yeah, we all know he's got a badass streak underneath that cool and calm personna. Oh, and him making a spectacular save on Marion Gaborik on a 4-on-1 wasn't too shabby either.

Enjoy your ~spa day~, Ryan.

Congratulations to the rest of the boys and bring on the playoffs!!


joe said...

That has to be a record for a goalie to foil so many odd-man rushes throughout the season.

Caroline said...

Seriously...he's been rock solid for us throughout the entire season. He's always there to bail the team out and keep them in the game up until the very end.