Monday, December 21, 2009

Wino Forever

Whenever I'm given the opportunity to drink wine in support of Ryan Miller and his Steadfast Foundation, I jump on the occasion. So it's a good thing that City Wine Merchant teamed up with The Steadfast Foundation to make it all possible! They're offering bottles of Catwalk for Charity themed Cabernet Sauvignon for $15, or you can spend $30 and get an autographed bottle...pretty awesome. I swung by there today and picked up myself an autographed bottle. Pretty stoked to drink it, because I love wine and I love Ryan Miller so it's a win-win combination.

Merry Christmas, Caroline.

Anyways, Check out this nice article about, you guessed it, Ryan Miller. Where it talks about, you guessed it, the Olympics!! For me, my favorite part of the article was this quote from Mr. Martin Brodeur:

"Look at his numbers," Brodeur said recently. "Tremendous. He's in control."

New Jersey's Martin Brodeur, a candidate to start for Team Canada, has noticed a maturity in Miller that goalies attain only through experience.

"You cannot be a top goalie if you go up and down all the time. You can stop 50 shots, but if you get pulled three times or whatever, it's all about being consistent," Brodeur said. "And I think he's getting that now."

Gotta love hearing one of the league's best goalies evaaaar giving such high regards to our dear little netminder.

So unfortunately due to work, I'm going to miss the next TWO games...saaah sad. I missed Friday's game against the Leafs because I was working...but I did catch the first period of the Pens game before heading off to a Christmas party. I watched a bit of the game here and there at the party, and I did watch a good portion of the third period and all of OT and the shootout. It's a little frustrating that we didn't grab the extra point...especially with all of our powerplay opportunities that we failed to capitalize on. But, we did hold the defending champs to only one goal in regulation, and it was one of those pesky back-to-back, 3-games-in-4 nights situations, and we were without Vanek and the point is nice, but a victory was definitely in our reach Saturday night.

Although I'll be missing the last two games before the Christmas break, I am putting together a nice little Sabres-Christmas themed blog entry that I hope you all will enjoy. Until then...enjoy the game tonight!

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