Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sass & Class

Yesterday our precious jewel Ryan Miller displayed excellent sass and class and it's times like that when I'm reminded why he's my favorite player.

Miller made 38 saves last night en route to his 3rd shutout of the season. I missed the majority of the first period because for some reason I thought the game started at 7:30, not 7. Guess missing those three games in a row got me out of my rhythm of knowing when the games are on. From what I heard, apparently it took about 15 minutes until the Sabres found their feet, but from what I watched, the Sabres seemed to be keeping up with the Leafs and eventually they were outskating and outhustling them...and it looked like the Leafs were too tired and just started to give up. The Sabres had a lot of scoring chances and it seems that it's pretty hard to get that first goal, but once they do, it seems to get a bit easier for them. I'm always real happy when Kennedy scores because he seems to be a real smart player and it's nice to see him get rewarded by a goal. I think he's going to be a great player for us down the road, and it's exciting to watch him.

I was also glad to see Tallinder get a goal because I thought he played a real good game, and I've been impressed with him lately. I know we have a few scapegoats on our team that I don't even need to mention, and whether it's warrented or not, they have earned that title and it seems as though it takes awhile for fans to "forgive" them... I think Tallinder has really improved thus far in this season, but might not be getting a lot of credit from fans, since they all seem to remember is his poor play from previous seasons. I'm not saying he should be completely off the hook or that it's 100% sure that he's turned the corner, but I guess I'm saying that I'm glad he scored a goal.

My favorite part of the game other than the victory and Miller getting a shutout, is Miller being so classy for everyone to see... I think most Buffalonians are well aware that he's a class act and an overall good person, but I really liked how he acted when he accidently hit the camera man (or photographer?) in the face with a puck. He immediately skated over to see if he was alright, and then right after the buzzer sounded he went over and gave the guy his stick. How cute was that? Nice to know that he still had the guy in his thoughts even after he just got himself a shutout. It was cute when they showed Lalime smirking on the bench right after it happened, because the announcers were saying that in practice Lalime always tries to shoot the puck through the mousehole, but he never can.

So after Miller's sassy performance in the game, and his classy reaction to hitting the camera guy, I was ready to jump on my Miller 2012 Presidential Campaign again...anyone remember this?

Awww yeaaah. Get it, Ryan!

Speaking of our classy goalie, I know it's kind of last minute...but if you're in the Buffalo area, Ryan is going to be at New Era flagship store on Delaware tonight from 5-6 pm signing Steadfast Foundation hats for anyone who purchases one. Obviously proceeds go towards the foundation, so if you're in the area around that time you should stop in...I'm interested to see what the hats look like. I won't be able to make it out because I have class, unfortunately.

I would skip class but this is a class that I have skipped for the past 3 weeks, I kid you not. Honestly, I have roughly a week and a half of classes until the semester ends, and I really have no motivation to go to any of them. I skipped my classes yesterday, and I'm currently blowing off my Art History class. Can't we just fast foward a few weeks and pretend that it happened?


HasTheVoice.com said...

How about some Hass (that's me) to f/up "Sass & Class?" I was the MSG-TV imaging voice of the NHL's Buffalo Sabres for three seasons (2006 to 2009). Did you notice the Three theme last night in the NHL?
Has The VOice...On and Off the Ice: Hockey & Football Threes:

Keep up the good work!
Ralph Hass

Caroline said...


Jill said...

mmm Kay...

Anyway, Caroline! Miller is the classiest and the sassiest eva! And I agree Miller 2012.

Shelby Rose said...

For some reason, I thought Jason shot the puck and hit the camera guy...THAT'S why Ryan gave his stick to the photographer! I completely missed that obviously, haha.

Caroline said...

Jill, I should make Miller 2012 t-shirts and bumper stickers. It never hurt to plan ahead.

Shelby, I didn't realize what had happened, until they showed Miller skate over and bang on the glass to see if the guy was OK. Then I was like, "Aww, Ryan!" haha.

Beth said...

Caroline, I was able to make it after work cuz there was NO LINE AT ALL, and the hats were the same ones that were being sold at the Catwalk. It was kind of cute, his sister, grams, and mom were there too. =)

Caroline said...

Aww! That is cute. Glad that you made it out and got an autograph. And thanks for sending me the picture! :)