Thursday, December 10, 2009

Risking My Life For Pants

So I pratically risked my life today attempting to go shopping for a pair of pants and some jeans, due to the crazy whiteout conditions. Granted, when I pulled out of my driveway the winds weren't gusting, but as soon as we were on the 219 and the 90 it was pretty scary...needless to say I didn't attempt to go any further and we turned around to go home.

I guess it's a stay-at-home-and-blog-about-your-favorite-hockey-team kind of day, wouldn't you say? Let's get to it...

The Devils and the Rangers games were frustrating, and it's those kind of games that seemed to have been pretty familiar for Sabres fans over the past few seasons. Luckily we've been seeing less of those "clunkers", but I think whenever those kind of games happen, some fans can be hasty to make quick judgements about how this is the same old team with the same problems that will keep us out of the postseason. I guess it's understandable after two straight seasons of missing the playoffs, but sometimes I can't help but laugh at some people's reactions after bad games. It's an 82-game season, and as much as we'd want our Sabres to go without any of those clunkers...they're going to happen. I just wish one of those games wasn't against the disgusting New York Rangers...have I mentioned on here how much I loathe the Rangers? My friend works at Guess at the Galleria and he said a bunch of them were shopping there before the game and were acting like a bunch of divas...surprising!

Anywayssss... Last night's game had a little something for everyone. I was happy when Montador scored because I took care of him at work the other day and he was really nice to me so ever since then I've been rooting a little more for him, because who doesn't like nice people? I know I do. We had the little guy Nathan Gerbe score his first NHL goal, and who doesn't love watching someone get their first NHL goal? I know I do. We had Henrik Tallinder score an amazing end to end goal, and I've mentioned on here the last time he scored a goal how I'm always extra happy when Hank scores a goal because people were getting so down on him the past few seasons. And who doesn't like it when someone who had been underacheiving the past few seasons pick it up and score a goal? I know I do. And then there was Ryan Miller being his skillfull, sassy self and he made 35 saves and got himself another shutout. And who doesn't like shutouts? I know I do.

I also love this picture of Sabretooth bowing down to his greatnesss Ryan Miller:

Ah-mazingggg! <-- That was supposed to be in Kelly Kapoor's voice. If you don't who Kelly Kapoor is, then shame on you.

So I was supposed to volunteer tonight at Carly's Club Annual Holiday Party, but due to the crazy weather, it was rescheduled. Which got me thinking, I wonder if the weater is going to impact the Blackhawks game tomorrow. I wonder if the Blackhawks are in town yet? I'm going to the game tomorrow, and I will risk my life to be there....I mean if I risked my life to get a pair of pants today, then I know I'll risk my life to go to a Sabres-Blackhawks match up. It's the return of Soupy....and I really hope no one boos him. I thought it was so cute when he told fans not to boo him when he comes back. Awww, poor guy. I have a feeling he might get booed. :(

I also wonder if the weather is going to continue next week...because that's when all my finals are. Today was my last day of classes but I didn't go to any of them because of the weather. Hmmm...

Speaking of which, I should be spending tonight studying and working on my final projects. But I know I won't... I'm in the mood to watch a movie. Maybe Titanic... Yes, Titanic! When I was in NYC I went to a Titanic Artifact Exhibit and it was amazing... There was a replica of the grand staircase and my cousin and I got our picture on the staircase. If you're my friend on Facebook I posted it on there, but I haven't gotten around to posting it on my Flickr yet. I'll be sure to post that picture and the other pictures from NYC on here once I get them on Flickr.

I hope all of you Buffalonians out there (or anyone else who is dealing with the snow storm) stays safe tonight! And don't go out to get a new pair of's not worth it.

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