Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Étrange Shenanigans

Ahh, so... I'm sure it won't come as a surprise to anyone that I was extremely pleased with the Sabres taking care of bizznazz and beating the Shrangers...largely in part to one Mistah Patrick Kaleta, with his multi-goal game, a shorthanded goal to boot! There's nothing better than scoring a shorthanded goal, the best momentum killer out there. Seems like Kaleta liked the way it felt to score a shorty, so he decided to give it a whirl in Montreal...

I missed most of the Habs game, but I was able to listen to the end of the 2nd period in my car while driving home. I got to hear RJ call the our first two goals, which of course included Kaleta's shorty...ahh, I couldn't think of many things that could have satisfied me more than listening to Rick Jeanneret call a shorthanded goal against Montreal, IN Montreal, scored by one of our Buffalo natives. Magnifique. I went pretty crazy in my car, screaming and cheering and doing some fist pumping. I contemplated honking my horn in celebration, but I opted against it because the weather was pretty bad, and I didn't want to startle anyone on the road causing them to swerve and crash into a ditch or something of that nature. It would have put a damper on Kaleta's goal, no? But if it would have been the Goose that had scored, well my fellow drivers would have been shit out of luck. Because everyone knows if you're out and about, you have to give a honk for the Goose!

Anyways, I came home in time to catch the third period...and it certainly was a bizarre period, wasn't it. Leading 2-1 in a hockey game is never a safe lead, especially when you're up in Montreal's barn...phantom calls and bizarre events are always plentiful there. It certainly makes for interesting nights and often bitter losses. But Montreal's éntrange shenanigans were no match for the Sabres' sass Monday night. Non. The Sabres struggled to hang onto a lead, but thanks to MacArthur's PP goal on a 5-on-3 (a two-man advantage? To the OPPOSING team? In Montreal?! Surely you jest...), the Sabres were able to hang onto the 4-3 lead up until the buzzer sounded time keeper was busted for not starting the clock. Way to go, boyzzzz.

Now it's always fun to crack jokes and speculate...but seriously, why does that kind of sketchy shit always seem to happen in Montreal? That phantom too many men call against us is enough to shake your head at, but I've just come to expect that kind of stuff over the years. I know a lot of games can sometimes have certain issues with the clock, and sometimes they have to stop play to add or take off a few seconds here and there... But in the dying seconds of the third period when the Habs are down by a goal, and up on a 6-on-4 power play with the goalie pulled, and there just so happens to be an issue with starting the clock back up again? Hmmm....interesting to say the least.

Anyways... off to Ottawa. Miller will be in net again, but Ruff has announced that Lalime will start either Friday against the Leafs or Saturday against the Penguins, per WGR 550. I'm guessing Lalime will play on Friday. They're both home games, so that isn't a factor. But maybe Ruff liked starting Lalime during the beginning of back-to-backs, rather than the latter like he did last Friday against the 'Hawks. In theory, the team will be more tired on Saturday since they would have played the night before plus it's another 3-games-in-4-nights scenario, so maybe Ruff is thinking that he would rather have our starter in for that one. Plus it means less time between Lalime's last start, which means he could be getting himself into a little groove. Who knows... all I know it's pretty hard to argue with the results from the last time Lindy started Lalime during the beginning of back-to-backs.

Tomorrow night is huge for us not only because it's another divisional game, but for some damn pride. Our rivalry with Ottawa has been strengthened over the past few years, and that team always seems to have our number. Gotta get that win... And it looks as though Shottawa will be without the services of Jason Spezza for quite some time due to a knee injury. See kids? Christmas miracles do come true! I guess I should feel bad for calling someone's misfortune like an injury a Christmas miracle, but I don't. Guess that goes to show you much I loathe the Sens...just comes with the territory.

Speaking of Christmas, this time of year is just pretty crazy. Between Christmas shopping and preparing for and taking final exams, things can just be a little stressful. I think I can get my shopping finished in one or two more trips, it's just been hard finding the time. But thankfully I'll be getting more time to do that since exam week is almost done. Thank god. The only things I've got left to do is turn in a portfolio tomorrow and then I have my Art History final on Thursday and then the 2009 Fall Semester will officially be in the books. And I think that might be the greatest Christmas present for me this year...for real.

Oh! Look what I found earlier when I was getting out some Christmas decorations. This newspaper was being used to protect some of the decorations:

The date on the paper is January 1st, 2006... Ahh, ~precious memories~


Jim said...

We'll see if Kaleta can keep it going. The SHer the other night was nothing short of sick for the guy with just over a few goals at that point. F Ottawa! But let's be honest here... 8 games in 14 days, who does that? Someone up top appreciates giving Buffalo the beatdown every year it seems with more back to back games than anyone. It's a joke. Sabres handle it well I think.

Let's Go Buffalo!

Jill said...

I think Lindy should start him against the Leafs. Just looking at stats wise... it seems to be a good idea to rest Miller against them.

Caroline said...

Yeah, we always seem to have a tough schedule. I think part of the reason is that our owners like having a lot of home games on Friday nights, since more people are likely to make it out to games on the weekends rather than during the week...which creates a lot of back-to-backs.

Caroline said...

Yeah, I think starting Lalime against the Leafs would be the best idea...but you never know with Lindy!