Monday, October 26, 2009

Story Time!

Yesterday at work I saw a blonde dude who was about 9 feet tall walking up to me. Although he was too far away to make out his facial features...I just knew. "That's gotta be Tyler Myers..." I said to my co-worker. And it sure enough, it was.

Now quite a few Sabres and Bills come into where I work and I usually don't say anything except for, "Have a good season!" or, "Good luck this season!" just because I don't want to bother them when they're outside of the rink/field. But I figure that giving them well wishes isn't too invasive, and I'd like to let them know that I appreciate what they do and that I'm a fan in some way without being too bothersome. But there are exceptions where I have to say something other than your generic "Good luck this season!!" Exceptions would be like, oh I don't know, scoring a sick goal in the shootout to secure a come-from-behind win...all the while being a 19-year-old kid playing in his 8th NHL game evaarrrr. So, naturally...I had to let him know all this, just incase he wasn't aware. It was the least I could do.

So before thinking of a way for me to act all smooth about it, I was just like, "TYLER! Your goal last night was SICK!!!" He got a kick out of that and laughed and said "Thanks." and then I just nodded and was like, "Yeah...I screamed when it happened."

So that was that. I figured he must have gotten a kick out of that considering he's so new to the big leagues but he's making such a huge impression so early on... Sorry Tyler, but you're just going to have to get used to crazy chicks harrassing you. It just comes with the territory. Ask the other players about it, they'll tell you. Welcome to Buffalo!!!


Anonymous said...


Shelby Rose said...

After the Atlanta game, there were a couple of crazy teenybopper girls screaming after him when he came near the fence. I was about to dropkick them.

That's so cool that you saw him at work though. (: I'm sure he really appreciated the compliment.

Phil said...

Caro knows this story well, but I'll tell it again anyways...during the morning skate before the home opener, Myers was in Butler's passenger seat. A mob lined up to get a picture or an autograph, and I was right behind a couple of girls.

They were all "OMG TYYYYLERRRRR" and then it occurred to me - there were teenage twins squealing Myers' name! He was bright fucking red, and could barely mumble out "Buhh, hiya" It was hilarious!

Oh yea, then I made him blush too when I called him badass haha

Pookey said...

I HATE those twins that Phil is referring to!

Other than Myers they don't know who anyone is!

Phil said...

I like to think he appreciated being told he's badass by a bearded hockey fan more than some squealing prosti-tot twins haha

Caroline said...

Hahaha, Myers clearly isn't used to all the puck bunnies and the man crushes...he'll be used to it soon.