Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Midnight Ramblings

So it's a little after midnight and I'm writing this blog in an attempt to make me more tired. I've been having an awful time sleeping lately. I didn't fall asleep until a little after 4 am last night. I was very exhausted around 9 tonight and I drank some tea that's supposed to help you fall asleep. We'll see how that works...

Anyways, I just thought I'd weigh in on the recent Sabres news. I'm sure everyone's aware by now that our Captain, Craig Rivet is back. This is great news. He was so impressive in the preseason and in the beginning of the season and I was very excited to have him on our team. Then he had his surgery and it seemed that he toned it down after that. Then he had his problem with his shoulder. I'm betting it's been his injuries that have been keeping him from playing the physical style that he likes to play. Let's hope that he's ready to return to that physical form against Ottawa. The Sabres are 7-3-1 at home with Rivet in the lineup, and they are 3-6-1 at home without him. Very interesting. Maybe having him back will improve our home record, but we really won't know that for sure for a little bit considering the Sabres only have 3 home games this month. I guess we'll see what happens tomorrow against Ottawa.

Rivet back also brings up the issue of what to do with Chris Butler. Honestly, I really want to see him stay up with us. Sure he's young and most of the times when you're young you have to wait your turn to stay in the NHL for good, but I believe we are a better team with him in the lineup. You do whatever you have to do to win, and if that means keeping Butler up here with us and scratching and/or waiving certain players in order to do that, then so be it. Some people have suggested that we waive Paetsch and make Numminen our 7th D-man. With Numminen's age, it might serve him well to have him sit out for a few games to take a breather. He'd also be there to help mentor Butler, as Chris has already stated that Numminen has been great in that department for him. It's a tad convenient that Numminen is "sick" right now so the Sabres don't have to send Butler down, don't you think?

Now moving onto the "problem children" on the team. As far as Connolly goes, I don't really know what to say. I want him to be healthy. I want him in the lineup. But we've been dealing with his injuries for what, 3 years now? I guess I'll believe that Connolly is healthy when I see it. Then there's Afinogenov. Max, Max, Max. I feel for this guy, I really do. He's already had enough problems in his game and now he's dealing with a groin injury that Ruff said is probably a long term thing. I just feel sorry for him because he really tries hard. The effort is there, but he can't seem to catch a break. I can only imagine how frustrating it is for him.

So, answer me this...which fight is more embarrassing? Sid's or Semin's? It's a tough call. One can say Crosby's is because of how he initiated it. A guy's head is down, and he's in a vulnerable position and he just pulls his jersey over his head and starts throwing "punches". Nice. Now I know Sidney isn't a fighter, but shit, even I know "The Code" well enough. You let the player drop the gloves and square off first, ya fool. Oh, and take your visor off. But on the other hand, one can say that Semin's is more embarrassing because....well, just watch the video. I think I saw a toddler in Toys R Us do the same exact thing when his mommy wouldn't let him get a toy. Actually, come to think of it...at the Buffalo Zoo the other day a chimp went crazy and did the same exact thing when another monkey took his banana. Hmmm. Maybe Semin was just practicing his bongo technique? Move over, Jack Costanzo.

I know my last post was full of funny search queries, but today I came across this gem when I was pursuing Google Analytics:

"recent photos of sabres goaltender ryan miller with facial hair"

Gotta love it. It just warms my heart knowing there's people out there who appreciate Ryan Miller's facial hair as much as I do. :')


TheRick said...

I like the way Butler has been playing, but you can see times that he is out of place. He needs a bit more seasoning. I think Portland is the best option for him. Teppo is a great mentor, maybe next season he will be a coach. I would love that.

Crosby and Semin, I can't wait until those 2 juggernauts square off. We discussed on the podcast what a battle of the heavyweights that would be. I do give Crosby credit though at least he did not go for the junk this time.

Shelby Rose said...

Semin's fight looks to be a lot more embarrassing. I still haven't taken the time to watch the Crosby fight, even though it's been practically everywhere. One of these days I'll see what went on.

Oh, and I'd love if Chris Butler can stay up with the big club a lot longer. You don't really notice him on the ice, but that's not a bad thing at all. A good thing when it comes to defensemen.

TheRick said...

With Butler though he is at the age where he needs to get quality minutes. We have 7 d-man with the big club right now. Unless the trigger is pulled and we ship say Tallinder, Butler will not get those minutes anywhere but Portland. From development standpoint he needs to be sent down. At least with this roster looking the way it is now.

Rachael and Lucinda said...

I think I saw a toddler in Toys R Us do the same exact thing when his mommy wouldn't let him get a toy.

LOL I cracked up when I saw the video of Semin's fight. It reminded me of that scene in "A Christmas Story" when Ralphie starts slapping Farcus. hahaha


Jill said...

Crosby and Semin, I can't wait until those 2 juggernauts square off.

OMG Rick... LMAO... Biggest sissy fight EVA! I can't just see it now! I would so pay top dollar... oh if they only still did that celebrity boxing thing on MTV... OH that would be so fantastic!

Caroline said...

Oh yeah, Semin's fight is definitely reminiscent of Ralphie's fight with Scut Farkas.

And Rick, you do bring up a good point with making sure that Butler gets a lot of playing time to ensure his development. I've just been really impressed with what he's done up here, and I guess it's a case of not fixing something that's not broken...we look pretty good with him in the lineup and we're winning. But there will always be tampering with the lineup with our guys returning from injuries and such, so I guess that's inevitable.

Defy Gravity... said...

I know! I don't want to see Butler go either! He's def. earned a spot on the team, but if you don't send him back with Rivet's return who do you? I've always been a Paetsch fan, so I don't want to see him go. Decisions, decisions.

TheRick said...

Don't have to worry about it tonight, Lydman is gonna be out with the Flu. So Butler is in. For Now.

Defy Gravity... said...

Don't have to worry about it tonight, Lydman is gonna be out with the Flu. So Butler is in. For Now.

Well that's good, except I'm not wishing any ill will or illness on any player.