Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hockey Day in Boston?

Hmm, doesn't quite have the ring to it as Hockey Night in... does. There's just something about hockey in the day that seems strange. Plus, the Sabres NEVER seem to win afternoon game-- oh wait, we beat Boston 4-2! This is only Boston's second time to lose in regulation at home, the first one coming all the way back in October. We snapped their 10-game winning streak, very nice. We were obviously the underdogs coming into today's game, and it was a HUGE win for us. The Penguins took a shelacking from Florida today as well, meaning we have now passed them and we're sitting in 7th place as of now. As always, the standings are extremely tight so if Carolina wins tonight they'll pass us and bump us back down to 8th. Can the Lightning help our brothas out and earn a victory over the Canes? I won't hold my breath, but you never know. Number crunching can make me go crazy, but it's still wise to know where your team stands among all the others.

Anyways, what a game by Matt Ellis. I've been very impressed with his game since he's been called up and it's great to see him come up big on the score sheet. 2 goals and 1 assist, very nice. It was a very entertaining game to watch altogether and I was just loving the fact that we were in the lead the entire time. I'm very proud of our boys. It was definitely getting very nerve wrecking after we were up 4-2, though. There was a lot of time spent in our own zone, and several times it seemed impossible for the Sabres to clear the zone. They were playing with fire, allowing a team like Boston spending so much time in our own zone. But Miller held his ground and he came up with big saves during the whole game. Tim Thomas though seemed a little off. He's been very good as of late, but he kept tripping over his own feet and that careless giveaway of his was pretty bad. He was drunk, I tell ya. Overall it was a very nice win for our boys and I hope they enjoy it. Let's see if they can beat Ottawa on Tuesday. Ottawa has been struggling all season, and even though we've only played them once this season, they still beat us in a convincing fashion. Will Ottawa always have our number? We'll see.

Anyways, I think it's time to pull out some of my favorite Google Analytics top search queries! I've got plenty of hits from people who have searched for the whole Ryan Miller-Tim Peel incident. People have searched for it in various ways. Such as:

"ryan miller go fuck yourself"
"ryan miller official go fuck yourself"

and my personal favorite:
"ryan miller penguins ref fuck"

Good times. Coming on the top of my top search queries is "ryan miller blog", looks like a lot of people are curious to see what our dear goalie has to say.

But my all time favorite search so far has been, "caroline mini miller". I don't really know what the person was looking for when they typed that into Google, but I hope they found what they wanted to on my blog.

"hockey night in lindy" is also another one of my personal favorites. I don't know about you, but the only thing that it makes me think of is the classic, "One Night in Paris". It's getting a little freaky over here in Buffalo...


TheRick said...

Matt Ellis is turning out to be my favorite "throw away player" the Sabres have had in a long time. When I saw the signing I was thinking well we need depth players in Portland, little did I know what kind of effort he would put forth. He has the motor of Mike Ryan, with more talent and on ice brains. The kind of effort he has been putting forth is just what this team needs. I think when he played with Pommers he clicked very well. I don't care if Jochen's ice time is cut and Max is riding pine. I want an honest effort every shift and thus far Ellis has been the only one consistantly doing it.

Caroline said...

Definitely. I've been pleasently surprised with him. He only logged 10 minutes of ice time the other day and he had 2 goals and 1 assist! It's good to see a player like Ellis get rewarded with goals.

dani said...

"ryan miller penguins ref fuck"

HAHA! I love searches.

Caroline said...

Haha I know they're so amusing. :)