Friday, October 31, 2008

That was a JOKE

I hope that's what Adam Mair said after last night's shit show game. I can't believe I sat through 3 periods of that nonsense. But the Sabres fan in me (and Goonies fan) said, "Never say die." and I stayed until the bitter end. Okay I may have left with 2 minutes to play but we did beat the traffic!

Anyways. I don't really feel like analyzing that game other than just saying the Sabres played bad. Pretty obvious. They were chasing the puck the whole game. It seemed as if Tampa Bay had control of the puck the entire time. Every time the Sabres went down another goal, it seemed as if they got more afraid and did not want to take any chances. That way Tampa Bay had their way with the Sabres the entire game. The defense looked like they did last year. Garbage. Rivet is more than a stay-at-home, gritty defenseman. He's smart. He's experienced. He's a veteran. That's key for a young team like the Sabres and they need that type of player to help the young guys out. You would have thought that last year the players would have learned that they can't be too cute. I think having Rivet and Hecht come back will help out this team immensely. One can only hope right?

Another thing I'd like comment on is Ryan Miller's post-game interview. Athlete's interviews are so cliché, you can almost predict what they're going to say before they even open their mouths. That partly has to do with the questions they are being asked. But Miller's interviews are always different. They're really honest and smart, I think. You never get that cliché interview with him. I always find that I enjoy and look forward to his interviews the most out of any of the other players in the locker room. No offense to them.

But last night, well we all saw how we played. He was honest and he went through all of the goals one by one and explained what his thinking was and why it went in. He also said he was glad that he stayed in the third period and battled through his tough night. I liked what he had to say about the team as a whole, how the freewheelers really need to learn how to control themselves. I've noticed a lot that fans will criticize Ryan for being too honest in his interviews. Some say that he's looking to excuse himself for his play and he tries to lay the blame on the entire team. I just never saw it like that. I think he has every right to crticize his teammates when it's warrented. I don't think Ryan has every shyed away from his performance, whether it's good or bad. He knows when he messes up and he's just honest I think. As a fan I just appreciate that because honestly sometimes player interviews aren't worth listening to because of how predictable they are. Miller's are worth listening to. I feel I get a real insight to the game that was just played when listening to his, rather than the other player's who will say something like, "We need to move our feet more." or something typical like that.

Sorry for no awesome pictures of our favorite Sabres dressed up in Halloween costumes. I am seriously deprived in the amateur-photos-of-the-Sabres deparment. Help a sister out. I can say though that I am a puck bunny this year. I wore my costume to the game last night. I'm sure most people thought that I was seriously a real puck bunny who dresses that ridiculous to every game. Oh well. I did get a hockey player's attention during the game though. Too bad it was Mark Recchi. Yikes.

Oh and my friend Jael started a blog, Sabres on the Warpath. You'll love her insight into the team because she's really smart. Go read!


M.J. said...

Jael is totally my new BFF for sending me the world's greatest photo of Drew Stafford, Toni Lydman, and Mrs. Toni Lydman EVER.
Seriously, she needs to call me like every 5 minutes I mean it.

Jael said...

Yes, MJ, I had to make sure that that picture got out there SOMEHOW... and I thought, "Hmm. My brand-new baby blog isn't the best place for this. Who's is?" really, I didn't even have to think.

Anyway, yay for the Sabres sucking! At least we're used to it... *cries*

Caroline said...

Hahaha that picture is so great. Where did you find it?

Meet Me @ Chefs has a few other pictures of Sabres in costume...including one that may or may not be Ryan Miller as Nacho Libre. I WANT MOAR.

Rachael and Lucinda said...

hahaha i'm 99% sure it's Ryan. I got it from a source!

and I agree with Ryan's interviews, although I'm really surprised he spoke to any media after that debacle of a game!


Jael said...

Hahaha that picture is so great. Where did you find it?

Actually, my brother did at first... He said he got it off somebody's Facebook. Hahaha I have no idea. But it's so amazing.

Caroline said...

Oh god haha. I should have known. Facebook...where else?

dani said...

Too bad it was Mark Recchi. Yikes.

Amazing! I love that it was an old timer. Will be visiting Jael!

Jill said...

I heart Miller's interviews. He tells it like it is. He doesn't run anybody over with the bus... he threw himself under there as well. I was waiting for him to balls on the media. As soon as they said an interview with him coming up I said oh boy they better be careful with what they say... or he is going to go nuts on them.

I have seen it before... he gets feisty... and is quick to tell the media off... and they have to cut back to Kevin real quick. I like his blunt honesty. There is nothing wrong with it... there is no reason to hide it... people watched the game... we all saw what happened... we are not blind or stupid. That is what makes him interesting... he doesn't follow the same path... he is not about talking about "buying into the system".

Jay said...

he is not about talking about "buying into the system"

I really hate that phrase, it is sooooo overused. I cringed hard when I heard Pommer say it in his interview Thursday, GEEZ!

Caroline said...

Definitely. I just appreciate his honesty. And you can tell how smart he is in his interviews. Sometimes athlete's are just....not so smart haha. But I can tell he's got a good head on his shoulders.