Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Goose Has Returned!

It was great news to read that Gaustad has been practicing fully, and now the Sabres have reported that Gaustad will be in the lineup Thursday night. Awesome.

I'm excited that he's returning tomorrow because the Ottawa game showed that this team can be vulnerable when a good chunk of the veterans are out, and Gaustad always has a tough and gritty presence that this team can always use. Plus, I'll be at the game tomorrow so it will be nice to see him in during his season debut! It's also good knowing that Rivet's surgery went fine and that he should be back soon. Poor Timmy will always be a question mark during his whole career it seems, doesn't it? Sigh. Hopefully Hank and Hecht are close.

I took some pictures of the team when I attened the Canucks game on 10/17, and you should all check them out! Please pretend for a moment that I am not shamelessy self-promoting myself. I got to the game late so I could not really get a good view of the entire team. Which was a bummer because I really wanted to get some nice shots of El Capitano (Roberto Luongo). But I didn't really feel like pushing and shoving little kids to try and get a good view against the glass. So I could only get a few good shots of certain players. I mostly got Ryan Miller because I was sitting right near the net. So all you Miller fans might want to take a look. I got two nice ones of Derek Roy too.

(lol @ the kid in the background)


If you want to see more, head on over to my Flickr collection. I've got more photos around there other than just the Sabres, so feel free to browse around!

Oh and I just want to thank everyone for their warm welcomes and nice comments they all left me in my first post! It was definitely appreciated!


Shelby Rose said...

Those shots are fabulous, Caroline! You're a gifted photographer, that's for sure. Love all of the photos you got.

I hope you have a good time at the game tomorrow, as well. My girlfriend is going so if you happen to hear anyone constantly squealing 'DEREK ROY!' during the entirety of the game, that should be her, haha.

Caroline said...

Thank you, Shelby! That's nice of you to say. (:

Haha I'll definitely be listening for some Roy love in the crowd then.

dani said...

I really like the one of Danny Pie. Pretty!

Caroline said...

Thank you, I'm glad you like it!

Cari said...

Because of those pictures of Derek, you're now my new best friend! Just, don't tell Kim... =]

Sabres on the Warpath said...

ZOMG I'm commenting on Caroline's blog. Also I just typed "Carolina" on accident. I'm so, so sorry for calling you a Hurricane. Please forgive me.

Those pictures are pretty snazzy. ^_^ I would kill to have any camera at the moment. Hahaha.

frostee said...

that kid in the background of the miller picture is hilarious...i love looking at peoples' expressions when they don't realize they're being caught in pictures/videos.

congrats on the new blog!

Rachael and Lucinda said...

Great shots Caroline! I love the black and white of kaleta! B&W's are always my favorite! I saw you use a nikonD40. What kind of lens were you using?

Caroline said...

What kind of lens were you using?
I used a Nikkor 55-200 mm

Jill said...

Great Pics!!! Thanks for sharing!