Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Was that real life?

Uhh...so I think I needed a whole day to process last night's collapse against the Predators.

I was engaging in some delightful St. Patrick's Day parade activities and while doing so, I essentailly missed the entire game...except for the final 3 minutes. Yep. I caught a beauty.

Here's a basic rundown of my game watching experience and reaction at the bar:

Me: Yay! We're winning 3-1!!!! The parade was so much fun and now the Sabres are winning! This is the best Sunday EVER.

Me: PLAYOFFS HERE WE COME!!! Woah, did Nashville just score?

Me: WAIT...WHAT. Nashville...tie game...what?

Me: Jesus. Talk about a collapse. Get it together boys, it's now or never.

Me: It's okay. We'll get it back in overti---

*goes back to drinking and pretends like it was a big, drunken bad dream*


Shelby Rose said...

I think most of the time my head was in the palms of my hands because I couldn't watch - nor believe what had just happened.

Caroline said...

It was pretty awful. It happened so fast that I just wasn't sure if I was just imagining the entire thing.

ScottyMCSS said...

Snarking brilliant.

Katebits said...

I can't stop watching this. I love it so much.

MarkMiller30 said...

Hilarious! Exactly how I felt

Caroline said...

Hahaha...glad you guys enjoyed this! Sometimes I feel like .gifs can convey better emotions than my actual emotions can.