Sunday, February 20, 2011

Things I Hate In Hockey

Well the Sabres answering their 3-game win streak with a 3-game losing streak is not what anyone wanted to see. The Sabres had fantastic opportunities to use their games in hand to win games and put themselves in a playoff position, but has failed at the task so far.

But instead of going on and on about how frustrating it has been to see them lose (especially to the Leafs...), I want to express my anger and frustration in more of a lighthearted way... By talking about my biggest pet peeves when watching hockey. We all have them, and it's time to air our grievances about the insignificant but annoying things in hockey!

I'm going to start off by saying I'm going to leave out the obvious annoyances (poor officiating, dangerous hits to the head, Maple Leafs fans, etc.) So here we go...

Things That Need To Be Eliminated From Hockey:

- fans banging on the glass
- fans who stand up and wave to the camera
- fans who automatically boo the opposing team's good player
- fans who boo and whine when a player on their team gets called on a very blatant, obvious penalty
- refs refusing to call a dive
- the word "soft" or "softie" when referring to a bad goal. Just call it weak, cheap, bad, etc. The word "soft" just absolutely rubs me the wrong way.
- the word "squirts"...I don't like that word ever. "Squirts", you stay away from hockey.
- the word "classless"...way overused
- the word "elite"...especially when referring to a goalie. "He's great, but is he elite?" I don't think many fans have enough knowledge to make to differentiate the two. "Elite" is another way overused term too.
- the phrase "and it isn't even close". Like when fans say, "This player is better than that player and it isn't even close." or, "This team is better than that team and it isn't even close." It's probably a lot closer than you'd think, you fools.
- Tyler Kennedy's face
- A good, clean, hard hit that results in the team jumping the other team.

I'm sure there's more, but these are all the things that came to mind right away. What small things bother you the most in hockey?


Kamil said...

Gonna agree with you on most of these points. But the one i disagreed with was booing the opposing teams player. I personally will Boo the opposing team out of the building,into their bus, and back to their hometown if i can.

Caroline said...

I guess I've never been a huge fan of booing, period.

CriminallyVu1gar said...

I like this post, might borrow the concept.