Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Congratulations Are In Order

The Sabres are kind of depressing me at the moment, so I don't know if I have it in me to dedicate a whole post discussing them and their current state. Let's just say that I'm getting a tad more worried as each game passes, and I hope that the team can get themselves in order...

So let's move onto something more positive, shall we? I know I'm not the first to ~break~ the story and I'm sure if you're reading this you're already aware of the news, but my favorite goalie in the entire world got engaged this past weekend! It's funny, even though Ryan is older than me, it's almost as if I've watched him grow up. I remember when he was on the Amerks and got called up to the Sabres. And now he's all grown up and getting married... They grow up so fast. :')

I volunteered at the Carly's Club holiday party last night and Ryan and his now fiancée, Noureen DeWulf were there. It was there that I heard that they got engaged and I got a glimpse of the ring...which I didn't see up close but looked beautiful (and very large haha) from afar. There had to be over 400 people in attendance and Ryan made sure to meet with everyone who wanted an autograph and a picture.

The WNY community has embraced Ryan so much over the last several years, and he's done so much to show his appreciation. I'm glad that he's met someone who he loves and makes him happy, because he most definitely deserves it. I've met Noureen a handful of times at Catwalk for Charity, and she came up and said hi to me at the holiday party last night (I'm assuming she recognized me from Catwalk), and she's always been so nice and Ryan seems very happy when they're together.

So congratulations to Ryan and his lucky lady! Maybe the exciting news will inspire Ryan's teammates to want to play a better in front of him... (a fan can dream).

Here's a photo of Ryan and a fan (and Santa!) from the party last night:

You can see more photos from the event right here.

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