Thursday, November 11, 2010

Catwalk Preview!

The Sabres have had their ups and downs so far this season, but they put out better efforts in their last road trip which resulted in some wins. There was a great come-from-behind shootout victory against the Leafs, which was especially sweet because it was against the Leafs. Jhonas Enroth also picked up his first NHL victory. Then the Sabres also came from behind in New Jersey, and with the help of Ilya Kovalchuk, the Sabres won their second straight in another shootout and Lindy Ruff got to see a victory in his 1,000th game coaching the Sabres.

Unfortunately the Sabres fell short in New York against the Rangers where I thought they played a real solid game and Enroth came up with some big saves. The proponents are all there, but the Sabres just need to play a smarter game. And Vanek needs to make an appointment with a sports psychologist. All was not completely lost, as the Sabres did pick up a point which is better than nothing I suppose. Just have to keep building off the positives at this point.

So Sabres fans probably all feel a bit of mixed emotions right now, at least we can focus on something that is uplifting and exciting... Catwalk for Charity is next Sunday! It always creeps up on me. I look forward to it all year, buy my tickets as soon as they go onsale, and then all of a sudden it's right around the corner. I can't wait to see all the Sabres and everyone else dressed up in their 80s glam outfits and I can't wait to take a bunch of pictures and eat good food and drink awesome drinks and raise a lot of money for The Steadfast Foundation.

I was browsing on Steadfast's website today, and I saw a new video that was posted showing what Ryan's foundation does for all the young patients at Roswell. Be sure to watch it so you know where all the money that is raised at Catwalk for Charity goes to!

I also saw that they posted all of the live auction items that will be auctioned off this year... These are always fun to look at. I'm excited to see that the actor that played Scut Farkus (Zack Ward) in A Christmas Story will be in attendance at Catwalk this year. Watching A Christmas Story on Christmas Eve and on Christmas is sort of family tradition. I remember watching it at my grandparents' house on Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember. And I still laugh at it as if I'm watching it for the first time! It's a classic. So it'll be fun to see Scut Farkus in the flesh. There are tons of other fun auction items up for grabs this year... The Buffalo Sabres road trip where two fans get to travel with the team to a road game would be awesome.

But the best auction item is obviously the dinner at your house with Ryan Miller. Now THAT would be sick. Imagine texting your friends, "Oh sorry, I can't go out tonight...Ryan Miller is coming over for dinner." No big deal or anything. Although it would be kind of stressful to cook up a meal for the occasion (although it does say in the description that he's a fan of chicken parm). I would imagine that if he came to my house I would probably act like a little kid and give him a tour. "And THIS is where I watch TV." "THIS is MY desk." "THIS is MY giant poster I have of you hanging up in my bedroom." "And THESE are all MY Ryan Miller jerseys!" Ahh, yes. Who knows, if you get enough alcohol in me, maybe I will be the lucky one to have Ryan Miller as my guest! Dare to dream...

Anywaysss....if you're going to Catwalk and you see me make sure you say hi! And if you're not going, I will post my annual recap of the event along with a bunch of photos as always.

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