Saturday, July 24, 2010

Steadfast at the Empire State Games

Hey guys... I know this is short notice but I figured I'd share anyways. Ryan Miller's father Dean and brother Bryce are in town for the Empire State Games to raise some money for The Steadfast Foundation. They have a booth at the Pepsi Center where they are selling autographed Ryan Miller items for very reasonable prices. You can also go and see a continuous loop of Ryan on his webcam talking about MYESPN Highlights over and over and over. (Hey kids, it's Ryan Miller...)

Anyways, I went yesterday to help sell the items and I had a great time helping out and spending time with Dean and Bryce who were very nice and friendly as always!

They are going to be here today (Saturday) and Sunday from around 10 am - 7pm I believe at the Pepsi Center. So be sure to stop by if you're in the Amherst area!

Bryce and I at the boooooooth!


amy said...

Very cool that you're volunteering for Steadfast.There definitely is a family resemblance between Bryce & his elder brother.

Caroline said...

Haha yeah, a lot of people were going up to him and were like, "Ya look a lot like Ryan Miller!"

Jill said...

LOL! Caroline I heart you lots <3 You need to come visit me when the Sabres are in town here :)

Caroline said...

A trip to Hotlanta! I would love to...maybe I can hitch a ride with the team.