Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hockey...and stuff

Just wanted to check in since I've been pretty M.I.A. lately, my posts will be few and far between this summer, but you is what it is.

Here's a little rundown of my thoughts of what's been going on during the playoffs and what's been going on in my life. First off...

- I MET LINDY RUFF!! Like, for realll met him. I've seen Lindy in person twice before. Once when I was with my dad in the players hallway about two years ago, and another time I saw him in a store on Elmwood over the winter. But a few weeks ago, my mom and I attened a fashion show fundraiser to benefit Roswell Park at Nektar martini bar on Elmwood, and Lindy and his family were in attendence! It was a nice moment for me to shake his and hand talk to him, because I've always been a big fan of Lindy's and I always like defending him when some fans aren't happy with him being our coach. I didn't have a camera, but I re-created the moment with my glorious Photoshopping skills:

Juuust kidding. Lindy was very nice and gracious and I wasn't looking like a giddy school girl (although I was freaking out on the inside as I was trying my best to look cool and calm with a martini in my hand). It was a great event for a really good cause and it was a nice surprise to see Lindaaaayy there.

- How crazy are these playoffs? I really have no ill will against the Bruins for eliminating us, but seriously, how awesome was it to see them choke away a 3-game lead? They completed it by choking away a 3-goal lead in Game 7, no about symbolism. I mentioned it on Twitter but the people behind the "History Will Be Made" campaign must have been going apeshit over the result of that series. It's crazy to think that the only two teams left in the East are the 7th and 8th seeds... Especially considering it took 82 games and a shootout for Philly to get in the playoffs. Just goes to show you that old saying "anything can happen in the playoffs" is true.

- With that said... I think I'm rooting for Chicago to win it all. I like the city of Chicago and the Blackhawks are a fun team to watch. Philadelphia fans are vile and I just worry about the lives of Habs fans if they were to win it all...although them getting eliminated will probably be just as dangerous, but whatever. San Jose, well I guess I wouldn't care but I just like Chicago more.

- I'm finally done with school! My last exam was Thursday and I still haven't really registered the fact that I'm on summer vacation now. I'm starting to think about what I want to do in the summer and where I want to go. I've got a few plans in mind but right now things are all up in the air. I know I want to take my annual trip to Chicago in August for Lollapalooza, and I also want to see Kings of Leon in July when they come to Darien Lake. I'm also excited for one of my favorite musicians, M.I.A.'s third album which is coming out this summer. The singles she's released so far have been so different from each other, and they've all been so boss. I'm especially looking forward to seeing the music video for her latest single, XXXO...which I'm assuming will be less violent and graphic than her music video for Born Free. You never know with Maya though.

Hopefully a few changes are coming my way in the near future which should make my summer interesting.

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