Monday, May 3, 2010

Coming Around

Well, it's safe to say that I was pretty bummed out when the Sabres were eliminated. I was just getting used to the feeling of them competiting in the playoffs and as soon as it came, it went just as fast.

But really, looking was a good season. There were a lot of things to like about the 2009-2010 season, despite the fact that they got bounced in the first round. I wish they could have done more damage in the playoffs, but it's another lesson learned. We saw some great things this past season, and we can only hope that the team will take that and move forward and they'll be better for it next year. I'm so sick of always looking forward to "next year", but you have to be patient. The Stanley Cup is the hardest trophy to win in professional sports, and it's not an easy road to get there. This season was a lot more fun and exciting than the past few seasons, and I think we started to see our team evolve into something special. We've got exciting young players like Myers, Ennis, Kennedy, and Gerbe...and our young guys from 05-06 are now becoming experienced veterens.

I liked what I heard from the press conference that Lindy, Darcy, and Larry gave. I liked that Lindy's contract was picked up for one more year and that he was very adament when he said how much he wants to win a Cup in Buffalo. I liked that he said he's real excited about our team moving forward. I liked hearing Mike Grier saying that he's interested in re-signing with the team.

While I wasn't ready for our season to end two weeks ago, I think that it will be nice to get a little break from Sabres hockey for a bit. It sucks to know that we won't watch them again until October, but on the other hand there's a whole summer out there for us to enjoy. Summer is my favorite season and it will be nice to enjoy it and not have to worry about hockey for a bit. My semester is almost finished and it's a very hectic and stressful time of the year. But in two weeks it will be finished and I'll be able to enjoy the summer. I'll enjoy the rest of the Stanley Cup playoffs, but I've never been one to jump onboard with another team and root for them. I just like watching good hockey... And from watching, it seems as though Vancouver has a real shot and winning it all this year. It'll be interesting to see how it all shakes out.

Right now I'm making a few changes in my life that I think will be for the better, although it's a little scary moving forward...but at the same time I'm excited and I'm glad that I'm doing it. With that said, my mind has been elsewhere for the past few weeks, and I expect that me blogging will be a little scarce for a bit. But that's to be expected anyways, considering this is a Sabres blog and the Sabres are currently galavanting around the streets of their hometowns, on the golf course, or whatever else NHLers do in their offseason.

So in the end, I'm looking back at last season on a positive note. It was a good season, and I had a lot of fun watching them. My favorite part had to be the was just so fun to see Ryan Miller compete in such a large spotlight and see him getting a taste of being a national celebrity for a bit. Being such a big fan, it was fun to see him getting the recognition that he deserves and I was so proud of him.

There a lot of good things to look forward to when it comes to the Sabres. So until then... I'll see ya when I see ya...


Joanne said...

I too am bummed about the playoffs but I truly believe the best is yet to come! Enjoy your summer & thanks for all the great blogs. You did an amazing job!

Caroline said...

Thanks, Joanne! I think so too. I think next season will be another good one.