Thursday, January 7, 2010

Streak's Still Alive

Woooo, so the Sabres are having themselves a nice little winning streak going on, the longest winning streak since 07.

I always get to the games about an hour early, to avoid traffic, to get a nice spot in the parking ramp, and so I can get some nice shots of the players warming up. I get pretty anxious when I'm running late for a game, and tonight was the one and only time that I was late to a game. And of course the Sabres decided that tonight would be the night that they would score the quickest 3 goals in franchise history... Go figure. I was freaking out while I was stuck in traffic and then I literally had to park on the roof of the parking ramp which took like another 15 minutes. As my brother and I were walking up to the arena, we heard the Sabres scored and I was pissed that I missed it.

So we were rushing to our seats and as we were, I hear my brother say, "Uh oh..." and I say, "What's wrong?" and he was like, "...Nothing." Then a few minutes later he was like, "Caroline, I don't know how to break this to you...but look at the scoreboard." and I look at the scoreboard and I see that we're up 3-0. At first I thought it was some kind of joke...I didn't even realize that we missed 6 minutes of the game. Obviously I was really happy that we were up 3-0 on the Lightning, but I was pissed that I missed so much of the game already. Although I do admit that I did find it funny how my brother didn't want to break the news to me. Here I thought we just missed the opening goal, but nah, we missed 3. Cool.

All in all it was a pretty good game, I thought the Sabres seemed a little shaky here and there, but they did a good job to maintain the lead when Tampa was pressing hard to get themselves back in the game. There was a really adorable baby sitting behind me that I was enjoying the entire night. He was about 1 and a half or 2...and he was really loving the game. He was dancing whenever songs would come on and he would walk over near me every now and then to say hi...he was precious.

Oh and not to brag or anything, but I find it interesting that both Drew Stafford and Clarke MacArthur scored goals the night after I gave them free tickets to the movies... Coincidence? I think not. As a fan, I try to do my part in making sure that my team has the most success that it possibly can.

While the Sabres are enjoying their 5-game winning streak, I'm enjoying a little streak of my own as well. I've been to four games so far this season, and they've all been wins. I'm 4-0 at the arena and it feels pretty damn good. I've seen the Sabres beat Detroit, Calgary, Chicago, and Tampa Bay so far. I think my favorite games so far have been Detroit and Calgary.

So the Sabres play the Leafs on Friday and the Avs on Saturday and then their off to their big road trip to the West. First they'll make some stops on Atlanta and Long Island, and then it's off to the big, bad Western Conference. It's going to be a tough schedule, with the back-to-backs and time zone differences...should be interesting. Let's hope I can stay awake during those pesky 10 and 10:30 game time starts. It's going to be lonely in the Buff without our boys...but I'm sure they're looking forward to getting a little sun sans the snow. Let's just hope they don't have too much fun and they can get down to bizznazz.


Shelby Rose said...

I've read a couple of people's reactions on last night, and most of them were late to the game. Really weird. Of course the Sabres would score when half of the arena is late, haha.

Maybe you should buy tickets to the rest of the games this season, eh? ;)

Caroline said...

Haha that's funny... I was freaking out that I was late. I've never missed any of the game before when I was late, except for last night of course. Then I was bitching and saying, "Watch...those will be the only goals that they'll score tonight." and when Tampa scored their 2 goals I was like, "Yeah...see!"

Luckily for everyone, that wasn't the case.