Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rockin' the Wingzzz

So Tuesday I went to my first Sabres game of the (regular) season and it was...well, it was pretty damn awesome. Just a few things I feel like I should mention...

Things that make me happy:

- Me sticking to my main decision about having the Wings game being my first game of the season...a lot of my friends tried to convince me to go to the home opener and forget about the Wings game, since the Sabres always lose to the Wings anyways...

- Being surrounded by cocky Wings fans during a 6-2 Sabres victory

- Patrick Kaleta's first multi-point game of his career.

- The Ellis-Gaustad-Kaleta line in general.

- Once again...Tyler Myers. Kaleta's goal was all thanks to Myers, watching him carry the puck into the zone like that was wonderful and I just had a feeling the Sabres were going to score on that play. Still can't believe that it was only his fourth NHL game.

- Vanek's injury isn't as serious as once believed, and he shouldn't be out for WEEKS (WEEKS!!) like Lindy once feared.

- The fact that Lindy has decided to keep the lines intact instead of shuffling them around despite the absence of Vanek...why mess with a good thing? I'm especially glad that means the Ellis-Gaustad-Kaleta line will remain. Mair replacing Vanek should be interesting to say the least.

- The guy sitting behind me at the game who kept saying funny remarks about Mike Grier every time he touched the puck.

- The little girl sitting behind me who exclaimed to her dad, "DAD!! Look how big that player is!!!!" when she first saw Tyler Myers on the ice.

- Annoying the hell out of my brother by chanting, "MILLER! MILLER! MILLER!" every 10 seconds while driving to the game and walking to the arena (I get excited, ok?)

- Me being able to chant, "MILLER! MILLER! MILLER!" after he stopped Filppula's penalty shot.

- Where The Wild Things Are comes out tomorrow!! I know you've all read the book, and the movie DOES NOT look like it's going to disappoint!

Things that kind of bum me out:

- I won't be able to watch the game tomorrow because I have to work :(. DVR delay just isn't the same, but I guess I'm going to have to make due. I'm going to get my hockey fix during the day by attending the open practice in the morning.

- I brought the wrong lens to the game yesterday, so my pictures are less than stellar. Despite the fact that I was sitting three rows from the glass. I tried to take some pictures but they all came out kind of "meh." It's a bummer because that's the only game this season where I'm going to be super close to the glass and I could have gotten some real nice shots of the players.

- I didn't turn up in any of the pictures on of my favorite things about looking at pictures from sporting events is the looks on the spectator's faces. One day I wish to be captured in an unflattering way at Sabres's a tough goal but I am determined to fulfill it.

- COLLEGE. Ahh...the stresses of being a college student. I'm in the process of switching majors and even possibly transferring schools and it's just stressing me out big time right now...I'm just trying to keep everything in perspective because if I don't I might give myself a heart attack. Just trying to get through this semester...

- The Fire Dick Jauron billboard on the 190... Look, I get just as upset over a terrible loss as the next Bills fan, but putting up a billboard that reads, "Fire Dick Jauron!" or whatever it's going to say is just tacky... Despite him not being the greatest coach in history, he's also a human being with a family and a life outside of his coaching job. Believe me, I'm sure Dick Jauron is well aware that he's not the most liked Buffalonian at the moment, and he doesn't need a huge billboard that calls for him to be fired to remind him of that. We're classier than that, Buffalo. Just mi dos centavos.

Things that just confuse the hell out of me:

- My professor's accent. I know it's not her fault that she's hard to understand, but it makes Art History so much more difficult when I can't understand what she is saying. And she gets cranky when people ask her to write something on the board more than once. She's all, "I alveady vrote da vord on da board lahst class..."

- SpongeBob and Sandy are getting married?! What the...I always thought SpongeBob was gay...


Jill said...

OMG i love looking at faces! LOL Some of them are priceless.

So sorry about your Prof. I had the best Art History teacher... so good I took his Art Appreciation class. I do love my art but he just had me. So enthusiastic. We even went to the Knox for a field trip! We stopped at ETS on the way back :P

Cait told me about SB and Sandy this morning... I thought it was kid mumbo jumbo! Guess not! LOL

Caroline said...

Hahaha, SpongeBob will always be relevant in my life...I love that show. Guess I haven't been keeping up with it though, I was pretty surprised to hear that they were getting married.

That's cool that you had such an awesome Art History professor, I feel like the class could be so much more interesting if my professor taught it in a different way. I try my hardest to stay focused but I end up slowly drifting to sleep in almost every class.

Phil said...

Wait, I always thought Squidward was the token unpoken but obvious flamboyantly gay character. I mean, seriously.

Caroline said...

Yeah well I always thought Squidward was gay too. But always SpongeBob came off gay to me as well. And come to think of it...I wouldn't be surprised if Sandy was a lesbian!

Anonymous said...

can you believe a girl is reading about hockey. :) LOL everyone knows spongebob is gay, heh

my mandie reed website

Caroline said...

Those are some racey pics you've got there, Mandie.

dani said...

Spongebob is getting married?!?! haha I always get interesting info when I come here.

Come to NU!

Caroline said...

It was funny when my cousin told me...she was like, "CAROLINE! Remind me that I have something important to tell you." (We were watching Toy Story 3D...I swear I'm not 8 years old).