Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ryan Miller & Paul Gaustad: Choke Artists?

Hmm, not quite. But in some ways apparently they are. Today while I waiting for my lunch at the Globe Market, I was waiting to use the bathroom. While standing there I came across a very intriguing choking poster. While looking at what I thought was your typical generic choking poster that's in every eating establishment in North America, right in front of me was Ryan Miller playing the role of an unresponsive choking victim. Nothing short of amazing. With a goofy grin on my face, I searched the poster more and guess who was acting as the poor soul who first realizes that they are choking? No other than our own Paul Gaustad! Wutttt. I have honestly no idea why the hell they're on the poster but the only thing I can think of is that they're probably both regulars at the Globe Market. Well, I've seen Ryan there more than once. I've never seen the Goose there, but I'm sure almost everyone has seen him meandering around Elmwood before so I can just assume that he and Ryan frequent the Globe Market when they're on bro dates together (the last time I saw Ryan there he was totally on a bro date with Andrew Peters...and the server gave Ryan my sandwich...but I let it slide).

Anyways, I couldn't leave without snapping a few pictures of this glorious poster. So for your viewing pleasure...I give you the best choking poster I have ever seen:

Clearly being unresponsive is very unamusing to Ryan Miller.

He's a little harder to make out, but make no mistake...that is the Goose!

It was harder for me to get a picture of Gaustad because the top of the poster was more than a foot higher than me (which is a pretty accurate height differential between the Goose and I), but Ryan was all up in my grill.

So I just made a whole blog entry about a choking poster that has Ryan Miller's and Paul Gaustad's faces taped onto it...yeah, it must be the offseason.


Jill said...

WHAAAA?!? Are they implying that they choked in regular season. I hope not. two of the most active working men on the team... :/


Caroline said...

I was thinking maybe that's what it meant...but I know that they go there a lot so I'm assuming that it might be some sort of inside joke and/or the employees just giving the boys a hard time. Or it could be snarky fans who think they are clever and they are going around all the restaurants in Buffalo and taping the player's faces onto choking posters.

Either way, it's funny.

Jill said...

Yeah it is a bit funny... but it makes me raise my nonexistent wonky eyebrow. :P

Caroline said...

Haha I wonder if he's seen it.

Jill said...

I imagine he would have one of three reactions... tear the mutha down, raise the wonky brow in slight sassy pissed off way or laugh his ass off.

Not knowing how sensitive he is to this kind of stuff... that is my professional blogger analysis.

Caroline said...

I think he would just laugh haha. I'm sure he has had worse "insults" over his career.