Sunday, June 21, 2009

Picture Time

Ello, ello. In my last post I said that I'd make an update posting photos that I've taken recently, sooo here we are. I've got some pictures from my day at the Allentown Art Festival and I've also got some pictures I took when I was down at the Waterfront a few weeks ago. But the pictures that I am the most eager to post are from the No Doubt concert!

I've said this several times on here, but I was so excited to see them live...being a huge fan for all these years and never seeing them live before. I think live music is the best. I'm always up for going to a concert or a show, even if I'm not familiar with the band or musician. Live music to me is always entertaining and you never know if you're going to stumble across a new band or musician in your endeavors. So it's especially awesome to go see a band that you're a huge fan of live. I guess it's strange for me that I have never seen No Doubt live after all these years of being a fan since I have been to my fair share of concerts over the years.

I was like a kid on Christmas the day of the show. I couldn't really contain myself and I was just so eager to see them. I went with my two good friends and my cousin. We got there pretty early to tailgate and then we made our way to the venue. We were right up against the stage and it was awesome! The first act was a musician named Janelle MonĂ¡e. I've never heard of her before but I think she has recruited a fan. I thought she was very talented and she had a great stage presence. The second act was Paramore. I've never really listented to Paramore before but I know some of their stuff. The lead singer was very energetic and cute and the bassist was pretty sexy. But I was just eager to see No Doubt. They really blew me away. They've been together for so long yet they still seemed so fresh and innovative. Gwen Stefani is a star, what can I say. You could tell that each member of the band was feeding off each other's energy and they loved being onstage together. I had a wonderful time and I keep looking at my pictures and listening to their songs to try and relive the night.

Anyways...onto the pictures!

Allentown Art Festival

An adorable baby bulldog that was attracting all sorts of attention at the festival.

A very friendly dog that likes to walk up and down Elmwood. His owner is a very nice man who has a flower shop on Elmwood.

Buffalo's waterfront

Lake Erie

Lake Erie

Gwen Stefani

Tony Kanal and his awesome bass.

Gwen being awesome.

Tom, Adrian, and Gwen during the encore.

The band takes a bow!

Ahh yes, good times. Sorry if the influx of photographs was too large for your liking, but I did say that this was going to be a photo post. Heh. I've got some more pictures of the concert and of the waterfront on my Flickr, if you'd like to see more. Other than that...I hope all the dads out there had a great Father's Day!


Defy Gravity... said...

I love the pictures! The ones of the waterfront are gorgeous! All I can say about Gwen Stefani's abs is DAMN! I can't believe she had two kids!!!

Caroline said...

Thank you! I know, Gwen is just awesome and I can't believe she's got those abs after having two kids. Get it gurllll.

dani said...

Awww Gwenni!

Anonymous said...

Gwen is one hot mam :D

Anonymous said...

wooooooooooow! Nice photos!

As for Gwen Stefani, i wonder if she went commando. She was wearing her pants really low. XD

Caroline said...

Thank you! Haha maybe she was, Gwen is always a risk taker when it comes to fashion.