Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Draft Day at the Albright

The Sabres have announced that their Draft Day party will be held on June 26th from 3-10 pm at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery.

I think it's a pretty neat idea to have it at the art gallery this year because it gives people who may not otherwise get a chance to view all the great art that the gallery provides. I always thought it was so neat how this city is such a huge sports town but it's also a town that recognizes the arts and really supports it through all of the art galleries and art festivals that this city has. It's perfect for someone like me who is a huge sports fan but also appreciates art. Anyways, along with being able to watch the draft, there will also be activities such as autograph sessions with current and former Sabres and a Roundtable discussion with some players. I'm sure this will be a good hockey fix for Sabres fans who are dying for something Sabres related. Honestly, before this was announced the only thing remotely Sabres related that I could talk about was how Sabretooth accepted my friend request on Facebook. AWESOME, RIGHT?! Oh, and also a certain redheaded defenseman got prettyyyy sloppy at The Tragically Hip concert.

I didn't attend the Draft Party last year (there was one I'm assuming), but I'll probably go to this one since I'm on the same boat as most Sabres fans and I am missing Sabres hockey very badly. Plus it's an excuse to go to the art gallery, which unfortunately I haven't been to lately. I used to go a lot, but I just haven't gotten around to it lately. I've been meaning to pay a visit to all the other local art galleries as well. The Albright is great (and probably my favorite), but it's always good to expand your horizons. I've been to the Burchfield several times, and I really like it but I think I'm still partial to the Albright. I'll probably have to request off work to go, since I usually work Friday nights. Speaking of which, Kate brought up a point when she said that she's going to have to work during Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. I'll most likely have to work as well, which flat out sucks. Game 7's are the best...especially during the Finals! Of course I'll have my handy DVR all set, but I don't need to explain why that's not the same as watching it live. What a shame. I swear when the Sabres make it to the Finals I will quit my job if necessary. Or I can just plead to my managers how I absolutely CANNOT miss it. They'll understand, right? I's Buffalo.

Speaking of the playoffs, last night's game was pretty great. Although I am partial to Detroit winning again, you have to give Pittsburgh credit. After such a disappointing and embarrassing performance from Game 5, they proved that they wanted the series to extend to 7 games and they did not let Detroit clinch the series and win the Cup yet again. I really don't know what's going to happen during Game 7, because I was pretty sure Detroit was going to win in Pittsburgh again. It makes for an exciting Game 7 which I unfortunately will most likely miss. It was awesome watching Rob Scuderi try his hand (or leg/foot?) at goaltending. He did a pretty good job, wouldn't you say?

It also looks like the Philadelphia Flyers have found a new goaltender in Ray Emery. I just have to say that it's pretty low of the organization to choose Emery over Biron based solely because Emery won the fight when the two went at it in that infamous brawl. Give poor Marty a break. It was his first fight and Emery had Mike Tyson painted on his mask...Marty didn't stand a chance! Oh well...I'm sure Marty will find success elsewhere. Maybe the two could fight again and the winner of that fight would prove to be the goaltender that Philly goes with? Nevermind...

Yesterday was a pretty bad day for me from the get go. I had to get up early in the AM to drive downtown for jury duty. Blehh...yes, jury duty. So on my way I realized I needed gas so I pull into the gas station and I run out of gas about 20 feet away from the gas pump. I was also blocking all the traffic coming in and out because it was pretty busy with all the commuters getting gas before heading off to work (and grabbing some Tim Horton's). I was already in a pretty bad mood given that I had to go to jury duty and also I'm just not a morning person. Thankfully two very nice men helped me out and pushed my car to the gas pump. Thank you, kind strangers. Don't worry, I thanked them there...I wasn't saving my "thank you" to them for my blog. Jury duty wasn't so bad since the case that I was chosen to participate in was dropped so I got to go home after waiting around in that huge room for a few hours. At least I am free of my civic duty for the next 8 years. Not too bad.

So the summer is now in full swing and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I went to the Square last week and it was a good time. The band, The Disco Bisquits, were pretty good and I saw them last year as they were on last year's Thursday at the Square lineup as well. The only thing is that they are a jam band and sometimes their songs can be 5 minutes too long. But the people are always great and it's a fun and cheap way to spend a night downtown. I plan on meeting up with my cousins at their loft in the city tomorrow before going to the festivities. I'm looking forward to all the festivals coming up such as the Allentown Art Festival. There is a lot of activity going on in Buffalo during the summer. I plan on taking advantage of everything that there is to offer in the summer (like always), but I am also hoping I can go on a few road trips this summer to various cities. It should be a good time. I'm also planning on working more on my photography this summer so I'll be sure to share my photos with all of you. Right now I have a few from my time down at the Square but they are just from my point and shoot camera because I wasn't sure if DSLRs were allowed (I'm still not sure because I got mixed answers). Here's a few:

The stage, the crowd, and City Hall in the background.

Looking up while sitting on the "Soldiers & Sailors Monument" in Lafayette Square.

I thought this was a nice view showcasing some of Buffalo's unique architecture.

Trip to Spot...grapefruit green tea over ice, very refreshing.

This picture is really grainy, but check out that awesome bike!

And this wasn't downtown, but I had to take a picture of this:

"Hockey Mum" almost ran over my friend Scott.

Ahh yes...good times. Oh, and I'd like to mention that I've added a new blog to my blogroll. Melissa has started a blog called Hockey Is Life; Nothing Else Matters. She's eager and excited to become apart of the blogosphere and she promises that her blog will be great, so pay her a visit!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far.


Jill said...

All I have to say about Emery... Bat shit crazy.

Caroline said...

Gotta give props to Marty for going after him!

Jill said...

Oh for sure...

Hey Lindy... I'm brawling!