Thursday, April 2, 2009

Shopping Is Theraputic

Last night was a huge blow to our already thin playoff hopes...and as I type this Montreal is well on their way to another victory. When Miller came back I was just looking for some enjoyment again from the team...but their little winning streak definitely shot some hope through me. I'm a sucker, I know. But in reality I think most fans knew that it probably was too difficult of a feat to come back and grab that 8th spot. I want to be really angry. But the offseason last year was just too long, and I know I'm going to miss our boys in the near future. So I am just trying to cherish what little hockey we have left. While summer is always great for me, the itch to watch hockey is strong...and I'm not looking forward for another long break from our beloved Sabres.

I thought last night they looked pretty good, but I didn't see any hustle. They had plenty of chances to grab the lead and they didn't. Sounds like a broken record. Vanek scored our only goales in regulation but then he also gave the puck away to the player who is the last person on the Thrashes that you'd want to see on a breakaway (if your team is playing against the Thrashers, of course). So while Vanek's gaffe cost the team the game...he is also the reason why we were in overtime in the first place so it's kind of hard to blame him for everything. I'm pretty sure Pominville would shoot wide on an empty net. Again Roy got too fancy. And I think someone should file a missing person report on Drew Stafford.

So today I went shopping...and you know I've never been that "shop till you drop" kind of girl. Shopping can really drain me. But I still love it. It's a great feeling to buy new clothes that are really cute. Today I bought a pair of jeans and two cute dresses. I can't wait to wear them. I've also been looking for those laceless Chuck Taylor sneakers, but the one shoe store I went into didn't carry them and I didn't feel like going into another store because like I said shopping can drain me if I'm at it for too long. It was absolutely gorgeous today. I can't wait until the weather stays like this and I can finally whip out my adorable retro looking pink bike and take it out for a ride. I love bike rides. It's such a simple pleasure. It's one of my favorite things to do once the weather becomes nice again. I also got my job back today. I was on school leave because last semester was really crazy and I didn't really have any time to work. But with school dwindling away (along with my bank account), I decided that it's time to go back. I start next Friday. So with the nice weather today and having a successful shopping trip, I'm not as bummed out as I was last night over the game.

Capitals tomorrow. Playoff hopes aside...I just want a good, entertaining game that will result in a win. It's a long offseason so hopefully these last few games are good ones. That's all I ask for at this point.


Deborah said...

love your blog! and love your special affection for Milsy! i just wanted to say...Zappos! you will find those Converse sneakers(which i also love) and all your other shoe needs there!

Caroline said...

Thanks for the comment, Deborah. I'm glad that you like reading my blog. And thanks for the tip on where to pick up a pair of those slip on Chuck's. :)