Saturday, March 14, 2009

Playoffs?! You Kiddin' Me?

Obligatory Jim Mora quote. Don't you love this new-age technology and its offerings? Blogging is such a good way for us to vent whatever we feel the need to vent about. And anyone else who feels the same way can put in their two cents or simply just say, "Fuck yeah!". Blogging is a perfect outlet for angry sports fans alike. Now onto the venting...

Up 3-1 and they still found a way to lose against a shitty team. Those final 3 seconds of that period will haunt that team (and me) while they're teeing off at the golf course in April. Okay, so we didn't lose any ground tonight...but we didn't gain any. Tonight would have been a perfect night to snag 2 points considering many of the teams we are chasing lost tonight or only got a point. Unbelievable. And the fact that we were only three seconds away from walking away victorious...what a punch to the stomach. What was a real fun game to watch turned into a real heartbreak real fast.

...but I did see Ryan Miller wearing a chef's hat today. Try not to be too jealous.

More about the goalie/chef later. The team dominated the game after they scored those 3 unanswered goals. I thought Max had a great game. I was real proud of him. Too bad his great effort tonight is overshadowed by such a disappointing loss. That shorthanded goal was they usually are. Just terrible. I thought the officiating tonight was pretty slanted, but it really didn't affect the outcome of the game. Yeah, Atlanta scored a power play goal in the first period...but it wasn't the ref's fault that we got scored on shorthanded. It wasn't the ref's fault that we couldn't clear our zone with 3 seconds left in regulation to end the game. Brutal. The mental lapse that resulted in the shorthanded goal and the mental lapse at the very end of the game cost the team the game. I cringed when I saw Pominville fan on his clear attempt...but the worst part was seeing how Lalime was this close to covering up the puck while it was sitting idle in the crease before it was tapped in.

Pominville had many great chances tonight that he missed on...he certainly has a big, black cloud looming over him. I don't understand why the guy gets so much praise from people because he answers to the media after a tough's not like he's saying anything of substance. Just a bunch of empty clich├ęs and "Definitely's". Not impressed. I don't mean to be harsh on Jason because I really like him as a player and he is very talented, and I really do believe that he'll come around. Whether it will be this season remains to be seen. Every player has an off year and it does not define them as what kind of player they can be. Now I really don't want to knock against Lalime, because I really think he's been doing a good job ever since Miller went down...but sheesh, his rebound control is pretty bad. It's been pretty poor the entire season and I have not seen any improvements. He had problems handling the puck tonight and it resulted in the first goal...but shit happens. I'm not blaming him at all for tonight's loss and I thought he was solid in the shootout, but I would like to see better rebound control from him.

Don't really know what to think about this team. What an enigma. To put any positive spin on them is that they're only two points out of a playoff spot with a game in hand...but the season is winding down. And they are not seizing the moment and grabbing real important points. Come on Sabres, I know you can do it. Throw a sister a bone here. Alright, I'm sure some of you are probably reading this and still thinking, "Did she say she saw Ryan Miller wearing a chef's hat today? Whaaa?"

Well, today my friend Scott and I took a lovely stroll down Elmwood because the weather was so nice and we took some pictures. Elmwood was pretty lively today which I'm sure can be attributed to it being Saturday and the weather being so nice. We stopped into Delish!, a bakery, and I see some stylish skinny dude wearing a chef's hat. I was like, "Is that who I think it is..." And of course, it was. Ryan was helping out Carly's Club and he was preparing a meal for the kids who are apart of Carly's Club and their families. How awesome. Let me tell you, he knows how to rock a chef's hat. And I'm sure he looks just as fierce in his board shorts and goggles as he does in his chef's hat. I know everyone's well aware of all the charity work Ryan does, but I still have to give him props for it whenever I can. It's just really cool to see. I'm sure he knows how special it is for the kids to be able to spend time with him and it's just really nice to see how much fun the kids have with him. And hello, when's the next time I'm going to be able to see Ryan Miller wearing a chef's hat?

So despite the utterly frustrating game tonight, my weekend has certainly been very interesting and fun. Last night my school was holding a special night due to it being Friday the 13th. So I drove on over to the Buff State campus and I was treated to a fabulous drag show, tarot card & palm readings, and I had some delicious love potion (come and get me, boys). Let me just say that the drag queens were fierce as hell. They were awesome and sassy. And then today on Elmwood I got to see Ryan Miller cooking up a storm and I met a puppy bulldog named George. I pretty much love my life. I'm not complaining...but it certainly would be better if my beloved hockey team could stop messing with my heart and win some games. At least the St. Patrick's Day parade is tomorrow. I'll drown all my hockey sorrows with green beer.


Jill said...

I am going back to my visualization a bit ago when Ryan was having issues with rebound control... Patty you are metal and the puck is a magnet. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Ryan is so fricken awesome! How can you not love him? I love how he dedicates himself to what he believes in. There is nothing better than making kids smile.

I try to help out at my daughter's school as much as they allow me too. I usually do book fairs, class holiday parties, class field days, and field trips. It's such a great experience.

Caroline said...

It's always a good thing to help out the kiddies...they are precious. Why can't people just stay kids forever?

Miller Fan In Arizona said...

I think you summed up my feelings about last night's game very well.

I don't even watch the postgame interviews since Ryan's been out. The rest of the bunch just says the same old, same old and that is getting old. It's maddening to say the least.

Glad your was partly good anyway as you got to see Buffalo's newest "chef". He is welcome to come out here to Phoenix and "cook" for us anyday.

Have a drink for me at the parade. I certainly need one after another loss to Atlanta.

Caroline said...

I don't even watch the postgame interviews since Ryan's been out.

Yeah his interviews are always the best. He tells it like it is. Gaustad gives a pretty good interview too. But most of the players on the team just say the same old.

Phil said...

Caro, that could have been summed up in one word: "Pominfail"

Caroline said...

Caro, that could have been summed up in one word: "Pominfail"

Haha, poor Jason. He's got a last name that either works for or against him depending on his play. When he's playing awesome everyone's all, "WECOME TO POMINVILLE: POPULATION 12312412!!!!" But when he's sucking we're all like, "Fuckin' PominFAIL"