Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Not Much to Say

I don't really know what to say about last night's game. Funny thing is I really didn't have much emotion from the outcome, just some disappointment and confusion. Every time our team took a penalty I just rolled my eyes and shook my head. While it was impressive that the Sabres managed to kill off the majority of the penalties...the fact remains that they took 6 straight penalties. Playoff teams don't do that. Teams fighting for a playoff spot don't do that. 13 shots on goal for the entire game? Atta boys. That'll get you into playoff contention for sure. While many fans are going back and forth deciding whether it's the player's fault, Lindy's fault, or upper management's (Darcy, Larry, and Golisano) fault...I don't really feel like playing that game. Truth is I don't know what the hell is wrong with them and while I have speculated about it and have come up with some theories, I'm not going to go into it because I'm just a fan. I'm not a hockey player. I'm not a coach. And I don't run a sports franchise. So, what it all boils down to, I am not the best person to analyze what's wrong with the team. I am just a confused fan who wants to enjoy watching the Sabres again.

What's funny is that the teams around us are losing too...and it becomes an interesting thing to think about. Is it good or bad? Some would say it's good because it means that we still have a chance. Others would say that it's not good because this team is just a lost cause and it would just be better off if the team would just fall too far out of contention so people's hopes won't be built up. I'm an optimistic person by nature, so I obviously am in the first group of people and I still say that there's a chance. But last night's game wasn't promising at all and it just leaves me shaking my head. It would just be nice to have fun again while watching the Sabres. It's why we watch sports in the first place, right? It's entertainment, a form of escapism. So while I try my best to enjoy myself while watching them, it's been hard lately. I just end up getting nervous, pissed off, or just plain old apathetic. Trying to remain positive, but it's hard. At least we're still getting good news about Miller. He tested his ankle out more again today and faced some shots against some of his teammates. Who knows where the Sabres are going to be in the standings once Ryan returns, but I just want to see him back. I miss him. He works hard and does a good job. He deserves to be back.

Another posistive thing I have to talk about (and it doesn't involve the Sabres...surprising, I know) is Martin Brodeur. I mean what's there really to say except that he's truly special. He's been around for so long and it's amazing to see the success that he's achieved over the years. He's really something else...and it's been great to watch him play hockey. The longevity of his career is amazing and he really shows no signs of slowing down. He's played over 70 games a season since 97-98 season, and you know he would have done the same this season had he not gone down with an injury. People can debate back and forth over who's the best goalie (Roy or Brodeur...and sometimes Hasek is thrown in there), but honestly does it really matter? All I know is that they're all great goalies and it's been awesome watching all of them play. All of Brodeur's achievements have been well deserved and it's great to see him surpass Roy's record and make some history of his own.

Cutting out the net...awesome.

T-minus 2 days until spring break.

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