Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Back to Buffalo

I know it's hard to imagine but the Sabres are actually the Buffalo Sabres and they even play some games in this city too. They will be reacquainted with this lovely city and the HSBC Arena this month, as they have 7 home games. Unfortunately the Sabres couldn't edge the Ducks after a long road trip...but I liked the physicality that the team possessed. Rivet was super fiesty and he did a good job protecting our goalie. Poor Gaustad was stuck in the penalty box for the first half of the third period and I could tell he was dying to get out of there so he could throw his weight around. I thought Lalime did a good job. Considering he only starts once or twice every several weeks, he made some pretty big saves for us. He seemed to get more confident as the game went on. He made 34 saves, and it would have been nice if our top 2 lines could have produced to help him out more. He's our backup goalie, not our starting goaltender, so we shouldn't expect him to steal games for us...but he did his best to try. I wish the team could have gotten a win for him.

All in all, I thought it was a pretty good effort by the team...maybe the affects of being on the road for 6 straight games were taking its toll, but it's not a loss that I'm going to get too hung up over. I thought it was pretty entertaining and I'm glad that I watched it even though I only got around 7 hours of sleep last night, which isn't too bad. The good thing about having class early in the morning is that it's my only class of the day so I can go home afterwords and take a nice nap.

I'm going to the mall today to spend my Sephora gift card that I got for Christmas. I'll probably buy some nice makeup for Catwalk for Charity on Sunday. I've got my outfit ready and I can't believe it's already almost here. It's going to be such a fun night. So if any of you are going (I know a few of you are!), make sure you grab me and say hi if you see me. I'll be the blonde girl wearing a black dress with an awesome peacock feather in my hair. It should be pretty sassy.

Oh, and ladies...there's a post-game interview with a shirtless Paul Gaustad from last night over at Sabres TV. Just a little FYI. So this past week I saw Ryan Miller being adorable on his couch talking about sushi and a shirtless Paul Gaustad? Have I mentioned how much I love being a hockey fan?


Shelby Rose said...

I took notice of the shirtless Paul Gaustad as soon as I opened up the Sabres TV console this morning. Interviewers have to capture these moments more often.

I thought the team did very well this road trip, regardless of going .500. I expected them to win half, and even though it would've been really nice for them to win last night, I'm still happy with them. I don't expect them to crash out of the gates tomorrow against Toronto, but give them awhile, and I think their legs will eventually begin to work.

Caroline said...

Yes, more shirtless Goose please.

Yeah unfortunately the Sabres have 3 games in 4 nights right after their long road trip...they've got a tough schedule ahead of them.

Jay said...

It definitely would have been nice to get out of Cali with a win last night. I was hoping for some scoring from the usual suspects, but whaddya gonna do?

I too watched the whole game and got almost 5 hours sleep! Needless to say, my ass was a-draggin all day...

Caroline said...

Haha yeah, even though the Sabres lost I thought it was a pretty entertaining game so I'm glad I stayed up to watch it.